Mortaza Aghbashlo
Mortaza Aghbashlo
Associate Professor, University of Tehran
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A review on the prospects of sustainable biodiesel production: A global scenario with an emphasis on waste-oil biodiesel utilization
M Hajjari, M Tabatabaei, M Aghbashlo, H Ghanavati
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 72, 445-464, 2017
Influence of drying conditions on the effective moisture diffusivity, energy of activation and energy consumption during the thin-layer drying of berberis fruit (Berberidaceae)
M Aghbashlo, MH kianmehr, H Samimi-Akhijahani
Energy Conversion and Management 49 (10), 2865-2871, 2008
Valorization of biomass waste to engineered activated biochar by microwave pyrolysis: Progress, challenges, and future directions
SY Foong, RK Liew, Y Yang, YW Cheng, PNY Yek, WAW Mahari, XY Lee, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 389, 124401, 2020
Impacts of additives on performance and emission characteristics of diesel engines during steady state operation
E Khalife, M Tabatabaei, A Demirbas, M Aghbashlo
Progress in energy and Combustion Science 59, 32-78, 2017
A comprehensive review on the environmental impacts of diesel/biodiesel additives
H Hosseinzadeh-Bandbafha, M Tabatabaei, M Aghbashlo, M Khanali, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 174, 579-614, 2018
Reactor technologies for biodiesel production and processing: A review
M Tabatabaei, M Aghbashlo, M Dehhaghi, HKS Panahi, A Mollahosseini, ...
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 74, 239-303, 2019
A review on exergy analysis of drying processes and systems
M Aghbashlo, H Mobli, S Rafiee, A Madadlou
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 22, 1-22, 2013
Electricity generation and GHG emission reduction potentials through different municipal solid waste management technologies: a comparative review
MA Rajaeifar, H Ghanavati, BB Dashti, R Heijungs, M Aghbashlo, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 79, 414-439, 2017
Influence of wall material and inlet drying air temperature on the microencapsulation of fish oil by spray drying
M Aghbashlo, H Mobli, A Madadlou, S Rafiee
Food and Bioprocess Technology 6 (6), 1561-1569, 2013
A critical review of the effects of pretreatment methods on the exergetic aspects of lignocellulosic biofuels
S Soltanian, M Aghbashlo, F Almasi, H Hosseinzadeh-Bandbafha, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 212, 112792, 2020
Application of artificial neural networks (ANNs) in drying technology: a comprehensive review
M Aghbashlo, S Hosseinpour, AS Mujumdar
Drying technology 33 (12), 1397-1462, 2015
Microencapsulation of walnut oil by spray drying: Effects of wall material and drying conditions on physicochemical properties of microcapsules
S Shamaei, SS Seiiedlou, M Aghbashlo, E Tsotsas, A Kharaghani
Innovative food science & emerging technologies 39, 101-112, 2017
A comprehensive review of engineered biochar: production, characteristics, and environmental applications
HKS Panahi, M Dehhaghi, YS Ok, AS Nizami, B Khoshnevisan, ...
Journal of cleaner production 270, 122462, 2020
A comprehensive review on recent biological innovations to improve biogas production, Part 1: Upstream strategies
M Tabatabaei, M Aghbashlo, E Valijanian, HKS Panahi, AS Nizami, ...
Renewable Energy 146, 1204-1220, 2020
Thermodynamic analysis of fluidized bed drying of carrot cubes
T Nazghelichi, MH Kianmehr, M Aghbashlo
Energy 35 (12), 4679-4684, 2010
Exergy analysis of a lignocellulosic-based biorefinery annexed to a sugarcane mill for simultaneous lactic acid and electricity production
M Aghbashlo, M Mandegari, M Tabatabaei, S Farzad, MM Soufiyan, ...
Energy 149, 623-638, 2018
Energy and exergy analyses of the spray drying process of fish oil microencapsulation
M Aghbashlo, H Mobli, S Rafiee, A Madadlou
Biosystems Engineering 111 (2), 229-241, 2012
Mathematical modelling of thin-layer drying of carrot
M Aghbashlo, MH Kianmehr, S Khani, M Ghasemi
International Agrophysics 23 (4), 313-317, 2009
Modeling of thin-layer drying of potato slices in length of continuous band dryer
M Aghbashlo, MH Kianmehr, A Arabhosseini
Energy conversion and management 50 (5), 1348-1355, 2009
Three pillars of sustainability in the wake of COVID-19: A systematic review and future research agenda for sustainable development
M Ranjbari, ZS Esfandabadi, MC Zanetti, SD Scagnelli, PO Siebers, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 297, 126660, 2021
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