Senior Researcher, Dr. Ana Iolanda Voda
Senior Researcher, Dr. Ana Iolanda Voda
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Efectele migratiei asupra stocului de capital uman
C Popescu, ...
Capital uman, capital social și creștere economică (Human Capital, Social …, 2007
Impact of Personality Traits and Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Intentions of Business and Engineering Students
AI Vodă, N Florea
Sustainability (IF:2.592) 11 (4), 1192, 2019
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Smart Cities
AI Voda, LD Radu
BRAIN. Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience 9 (2), 110-127, 2018
Labor Relations: Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management
AM Bercu, AI Vodă
Issues of Human Resource Management, 2017
The Limitations of Standard Economical Theory from the Perspective of Development, Sustainability and Rationality in Resource Allocation
C Chiriac, AI Voda, R Constantinescu
Econimic Sciences Series 12 (1), 442-448, 2012
Impact of macroeconomic and healthcare provision factors on patient satisfaction.
AI Vodă, I Bostan, CG Țigănaș
Current Science (00113891) (IF:0.883) 115 (1), 2018
Public Health Care Financing and the Costs of Cancer Care: A Cross-National Analysis
A Voda, I Bostan
Cancers (IF:6.162) 10 (4), 117, 2018
Healthcare quality and its effects on growth. A regional analysis
AI Voda, C Tiganas
CES Working Papers 7 (3), 802, 2015
The Impact of Cultural Values on Human Development Index: A Comparative Analysis of Eastern-Western European Countries.
C Tiganas, C Mihai, AI Voda, G Lutac
Transformation in Business & Economics (IF:1.058) 13, 2014
Current Trends in the Foreign Trade
FA Luca, AI Vodă, D Filipeanu
SEA-Practical Application of Science 2 (3), 5, 2014
An inexhaustive criticism of the standard economic theory from an Austrian perspective related to growth and development
AI Voda, C Chiriac
Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research 3 (1), 195-202, 2012
Student’s entrepreneurial intentions: role of entrepreneurial education and risk taken ability
AI Vodă, D Covatariu, OA Ghiuță
Environmental Engineering & Management Journal (EEMJ) (IF:1.186) 18 (7), 2019
Examining the Effects of Creativity and Willingness to Take Risk on Young Students' Entrepreneurial Intention
Ana Iolanda Voda, Ignacio Martinez, Claudiu Gabriel Tiganas, Liviu George ...
Transformations in Business & Economics (TIBE) (IF: 1.058) 18 (No 2A (47A)), 2019
How can artificial intelligence respond to smart cities challenges?
AI Voda, LD Radu
Smart Cities: Issues and Challenges. Elsevier Press, 199-216, 2019
Investigating Economic Factors of Sustainability in European Smart Cities
AI Vodă, LD Radu
European Journal of Sustainable Development 7 (1), 107-120, 2018
The quality of the Healthcare Services in Romania in comparison with EU. An approach from the perspective of patient, doctor and hospital management.
CLC Alina Murgu, Gabriela Boldureanu, Laura Pricop Ciubotărașu, Ana Iolanda Vodă
Bulletin of Integrative Psychiatry, 2017
Labor Relations Efficiency in Central and Eastern Europe
AI Voda, AM Bercu
EUFIRE 2017, 184-202, 2017
Property Rights, Externalities and Sustainable Development. A Case Study on Central and Eastern European Member States
AI Voda, C Țiganas
Journal of Public Administration, Finance and Law, 87-95, 2016
The link between institutions and sustainable developement. A case study for Romania,
C Țigănaș, AI Voda, D Filipeanu, FA Luca
Communication, Context, Interdisciplinarity, Institutul de Studii …, 2015
Institutional results and the course of development
AI Voda, C Țigănaș, D Filipeanu, FA Luca
Discoluse and Multicultural Dialog, Institutul de Studii Multiculturale …, 2015
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