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Hypoxia-induced sensitization of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 involves activation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha and PKC
V Ristoiu, K Shibasaki, K Uchida, Y Zhou, BHT Ton, ML Flonta, ...
PAIN® 152 (4), 936-945, 2011
Contribution of macrophages to peripheral neuropathic pain pathogenesis
V Ristoiu
Life sciences 93 (23), 870-881, 2013
Activation profile of dorsal root ganglia Iba-1 (+) macrophages varies with the type of lesion in rats
BHT Ton, Q Chen, G Gaina, C Tucureanu, A Georgescu, C Strungaru, ...
Acta histochemica 115 (8), 840-850, 2013
α1-adrenoceptor-mediated depolarization and β-mediated hyperpolarization in cultured rat dorsal root ganglion neurones
F Pluteanu, V Ristoiu, ML Flonta, G Reid
Neuroscience letters 329 (3), 277-280, 2002
Silencing the cytoskeleton protein Iba1 (ionized calcium binding adapter protein 1) interferes with BV2 microglia functioning
RO Gheorghe, A Deftu, A Filippi, A Grosu, M Bica-Popi, M Chiritoiu, ...
Cellular and molecular neurobiology 40, 1011-1027, 2020
Microparticles of healthy origins improve endothelial progenitor cell dysfunction via micro RNA transfer in an atherosclerotic hamster model
N Alexandru, E Andrei, L Niculescu, E Dragan, V Ristoiu, A Georgescu
Acta Physiologica 221 (4), 230-249, 2017
Chemokine (CXC motif) ligand 1 (CXCL1) and chemokine (CXC motif) ligand 2 (CXCL2) modulate the activity of TRPV1+/IB4+ cultured rat dorsal root ganglia neurons upon short-term …
AF Deftu, A Filippi, K Shibsaki, RO Gheorghe, M Chiritoiu, V Ristoiu
J Physiol Pharmacol 68 (3), 385-395, 2017
Catecholamines reduce transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 desensitization in cultured dorsal root ganglia neurons
A Filippi, C Caruntu, RO Gheorghe, A Deftu, B Amuzescu, V Ristoiu
J Physiol Pharmacol 67 (6), 843-50, 2016
Hypoxia and high glucose activate tetrodotoxin-resistant Na (+) currents through PKA and PKC
BH Ton, A Marin, C Dinu, D Banciu, ML Flonta, V Ristoiu
Acta neurobiologiae experimentalis 70 (4), 351-361, 2010
The inhibition of Kir2. 1 potassium channels depolarizes spinal microglial cells, reduces their proliferation, and attenuates neuropathic pain
C Gattlen, AF Deftu, R Tonello, Y Ling, T Berta, V Ristoiu, MR Suter
Glia 68 (10), 2119-2135, 2020
CXCL1 activates TRPV1 via Gi/o protein and actin filaments
AF Deftu, A Filippi, RO Gheorghe, V Ristoiu
Life sciences 193, 282-291, 2018
N-glycosylation of the transient receptor potential melastatin 8 channel is altered in pancreatic cancer cells
R Ulăreanu, G Chirițoiu, F Cojocaru, A Deftu, V Ristoiu, L Stănică, ...
Tumor Biology 39 (10), 1010428317720940, 2017
Potassium channels Kv1. 3 and Kir2. 1 but not Kv1. 5 contribute to BV2 cell line and primary microglial migration
R Anton, M Ghenghea, V Ristoiu, C Gattlen, MR Suter, PA Cojocaru, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (4), 2081, 2021
CXCL1 and CXCL2 inhibit the axon outgrowth in a time-and cell-type-dependent manner in adult rat dorsal root ganglia neurons
AT Deftu, R Ciorescu, RO Gheorghe, D Mihăilescu, V Ristoiu
Neurochemical Research 44, 2215-2229, 2019
Experimental measurements in the acquisition of biosignals from a neuronal cell culture for an exoprosthesis command
C Moldovan, L Dobrescu, V Ristoiu, B Firtat, S Dinulescu, C Brasoveanu, ...
Rev. Chim.(Bucharest) 69, 2948-2952, 2018
ALN-TTR, an RNAi therapeutic for the treatment of transthyretin-mediated Amyloidosis
R Alvarez, T Borland, Q Chen, S Milstein, T Nguyen, G Hinkle, ...
Few cultured rat primary sensory neurons express a tolbutamide‐sensitive K+ current
V Ristoiu, F Pluteanu, ML Flonta, G Reid
Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 6 (2), 271-274, 2002
The yin/yang balance of communication between sensory neurons and macrophages in traumatic peripheral neuropathic pain
RO Gheorghe, AV Grosu, M Bica-Popi, V Ristoiu
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (20), 12389, 2022
Intrathecal administration of CXCL1 enhances potassium currents in microglial cells
AF Deftu, V Ristoiu, MR Suter
Pharmacology 101 (5-6), 262-268, 2018
Long-term incubation with CXCL2, but not with CXCL1, alters the kinetics of TRPV1 receptors in cultured dorsal root ganglia neurons
AT Deftu, AF Deftu, V Ristoiu
Archives of Biological Sciences 69 (1), 53-59, 2017
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