Ece Demir-Lira
Ece Demir-Lira
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences/Pediatrics, DeLTA Center
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Parents’ early book reading to children: Relation to children's later language and literacy outcomes controlling for other parent language input
Ö Ece Demir‐Lira, LR Applebaum, S Goldin‐Meadow, SC Levine
Developmental science 22 (3), e12764, 2019
Vocabulary, syntax, and narrative development in typically developing children and children with early unilateral brain injury: Early parental talk about the “there-and-then …
ÖE Demir, ML Rowe, G Heller, S Goldin-Meadow, SC Levine
Developmental psychology 51 (2), 161, 2015
Children's early decontextualized talk predicts academic language proficiency in midadolescence
P Uccelli, ÖE Demir‐Lira, ML Rowe, S Levine, S Goldin‐Meadow
Child development 90 (5), 1650-1663, 2019
Effects of age and language on co-speech gesture production: an investigation of French, American, and Italian children's narratives
JM Colletta, M Guidetti, O Capirci, C Cristilli, OE Demir, ...
Journal of child language 42 (1), 122-145, 2015
A tale of two hands: children's early gesture use in narrative production predicts later narrative structure in speech
ÖE Demir, SC Levine, S Goldin-Meadow
Journal of child language 42 (3), 662-681, 2015
14 Studying Gesture
EA Cartmill, ÖE Demir, S Goldin-Meadow
Research Methods in Child, 208, 2012
Narrative processing in typically developing children and children with early unilateral brain injury: seeing gesture matters.
ÖE Demir, JA Fisher, S Goldin-Meadow, SC Levine
Developmental psychology 50 (3), 815, 2014
A practical guide for researchers and reviewers using the ABCD Study and other large longitudinal datasets
NM Saragosa-Harris, N Chaku, N MacSweeney, VG Williamson, ...
Developmental cognitive neuroscience 55, 101115, 2022
Early-life stress exposure associated with altered prefrontal resting-state fMRI connectivity in young children
ÖE Demir-Lira, JL Voss, JT O’Neil, MJ Briggs-Gowan, LS Wakschlag, ...
Developmental cognitive neuroscience 19, 107-114, 2016
When speech is ambiguous, gesture steps in: Sensitivity to discourse-pragmatic principles in early childhood
WC So, ÖE Demir, S Goldin-Meadow
Applied psycholinguistics 31 (1), 209-224, 2010
Narrative skill in children with early unilateral brain injury: A possible limit to functional plasticity
ÖE Demir, SC Levine, S Goldin‐Meadow
Developmental science 13 (4), 636-647, 2010
Parental socioeconomic status and the neural basis of arithmetic: differential relations to verbal and visuo‐spatial representations
ÖE Demir, J Prado, JR Booth
Developmental Science 18 (5), 799-814, 2015
Reading skill–fractional anisotropy relationships in visuospatial tracts diverge depending on socioeconomic status
MM Gullick, ÖE Demir‐Lira, JR Booth
Developmental Science 19 (4), 673-685, 2016
Neural correlates of math gains vary depending on parental socioeconomic status (SES)
ÖE Demir-Lira, J Prado, JR Booth
Frontiers in psychology 7, 892, 2016
Thirteen‐and 18‐month‐old infants recognize when they need referential information
A Vaish, ÖE Demir, D Baldwin
Social Development 20 (3), 431-449, 2011
The pace of vocabulary growth during preschool predicts cortical structure at school age
SS Asaridou, ÖE Demir-Lira, S Goldin-Meadow, SL Small
Neuropsychologia 98, 13-23, 2017
The differential role of verbal and spatial working memory in the neural basis of arithmetic
ÖE Demir, J Prado, JR Booth
Developmental neuropsychology 39 (6), 440-458, 2014
Parents’ talk about letters with their young children
R Treiman, J Schmidt, K Decker, S Robins, SC Levine, ÖE Demir
Child Development 86 (5), 1406-1418, 2015
Turkish-and English-speaking children display sensitivity to perceptual context in the referring expressions they produce in speech and gesture
ÖE Demir, WC So, A Özyürek, S Goldin-Meadow
Language and cognitive processes 27 (6), 844-867, 2012
Functional neuroanatomy of gesture–speech integration in children varies with individual differences in gesture processing
ÖE Demir‐Lira, SS Asaridou, A Raja Beharelle, AE Holt, ...
Developmental science 21 (5), e12648, 2018
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