Alexandru Vlasa
Alexandru Vlasa
Șef Lucrări ,Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie, Științe și Tehnologie George Emil
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Diabetes Mellitus is Associated with Severe Infection and Mortality in Patients with COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
AB Eugen Silviu Bud, Alexandru Vlasa
Arc Med Res 20, 2020
Observational study regarding possible side effects of miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expander (MARPE) with or without the use of corticopuncture therapy
ES Bud, CI Bică, M Păcurar, P Vaida, A Vlasa, K Martha, A Bud
Biology 10 (3), 187, 2021
Accuracy of three-dimensional (3D) printed dental digital models generated with three types of resin polymers by extra-oral optical scanning
ES Bud, VI Bocanet, MH Muntean, A Vlasa, SM Bucur, M Păcurar, ...
Journal of Clinical Medicine 10 (9), 1908, 2021
Observational study regarding the relationship between nutritional status, dental caries, mutans streptococci, and lactobacillus bacterial colonies
ES Bud, CI Bica, OE Stoica, A Vlasa, D Eșian, SM Bucur, A Bud, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 18 (7), 3551, 2021
White Spot Lesions (WSLs)—post-orthodontic occurrence, management and treatment alternatives: a narrative review
L Lazar, A Vlasa, L Beresescu, A Bud, AP Lazar, L Matei, E Bud
Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (5), 1908, 2023
Prevalence and manifestations of dental ankylosis in primary molars using panoramic X-rays: a cross-sectional study
D Eșian, CI Bica, OE Stoica, T Dako, A Vlasa, ES Bud, D Salcudean, ...
Children 9 (8), 1188, 2022
Retrospective study regarding the status of the superficial marginal periodontium in adult patients wearing orthodontic retainers
SM Bucur, CR Chiarati, P Avino, I Migliorino, Y Kartal, DI Cocos, ES Bud, ...
Rom. J. Oral Rehabil 13, 194-201, 2021
Extra-Oral three-dimensional (3D) scanning evaluation of three different impression materials—an in vitro study
ES Bud, VI Bocanet, MH Muntean, A Vlasa, M Păcurar, IN Zetu, ...
Polymers 14 (17), 3678, 2022
Observational study regarding two bonding systems and the challenges of their use in orthodontics: an in vitro evaluation
SM Bucur, A Bud, A Gligor, A Vlasa, DI Cocoș, ES Bud
Applied Sciences 11 (15), 7091, 2021
Retrospective study regarding orthodontic retention complications in clinical practice
SM Bucur, LB Iantovics, A Bud, ES Bud, DI Cocoș, A Vlasa
Applied Sciences 12 (1), 273, 2021
Correlation Between Orthodontic Forces and Root Resorption–a Systematic Review of the Literature
A Vlasa, LY Eremie, L Lazăr, A Bud, M Păcurar, E Bud, C Biriș
Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine 1 (2), 142-145, 2016
Comparative assessment of retention and caries protective effectiveness of a hydrophilic and a conventional sealant—A clinical trial
L Beresescu, M Pacurar, A Vlasa, AM Stoica, T Dako, B Petcu, D Eșian
Children 9 (5), 646, 2022
Retention ability of a glass carbomer pit and fissure sealant
L Beresescu, M Kovacs, A Vlasa, AM Stoica, C Benedek, M Pop, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19 (4), 1966, 2022
Effects of Composite Resin on the Enamel after Debonding: An In Vitro Study—Metal Brackets vs. Ceramic Brackets
A Vlasa, ES Bud, M Păcurar, L Lazăr, L Streiche, SM Bucur, DI Cocoș, ...
Applied Sciences 11 (16), 7353, 2021
Diabetes mellitus is associated with severe infection and mortality in patients with COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis
ES Bud, A Vlasa, A Bud
Archives of Medical Research 52 (3), 356, 2021
Scanning electron microscope analysis of Titanium alloy orthodontic implants
A Vlasa, C Biris, L Lazar, A Bud, E Bud, CM Varlam, M Maris, M Pacurar
Mater. Plast 54, 345-347, 2017
Accuracy of three-dimensional printed dental models based on ethylene di-methacrylate-stereolithography (SLA) vs. Digital light processing (DLP)
A Vlasa, VI Bocanet, MH Muntean, A Bud, BR Dragomir, SN Rosu, ...
Applied Sciences 13 (4), 2664, 2023
The effects of periodontal laser therapy on pain in adult patients with orthodontic treatment: a randomized clinical trial
AP Lazăr, T Dakó, A Bud, A Vlasa, A Ormenișan, MA Mârțu, M Păcurar, ...
Applied Sciences 12 (7), 3601, 2022
Evaluation of dental maturity using the Demirjian’s method in Romanian children
ES Bud, A Bud, C Bică, OE Stoica, AE Oltean, A Vlasa, M Păcurar, ...
Acta Medica Transilvanica 26 (2), 48-51, 2021
Retrospective case series regarding the advantages of Cortico-Puncture (CP) therapy in association with micro-implant assisted rapid palatal expander (MARPE)
ES Bud, M Păcurar, A Vlasa, AP Lazăr, L Lazăr, P Vaida, A Bud
Applied Sciences 11 (3), 1306, 2021
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