Chinedu Ekuma
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Optical properties of PbTe and PbSe
CE Ekuma, DJ Singh, J Moreno, M Jarrell
Physical Review B 85 (8), 085205, 2012
Electronic structure and spectra of CuO
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Proximate compositions of staple food crops in Ebonyi State, South Eastern Nigeria
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CE Ekuma, M Jarrell, J Moreno, D Bagayoko
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Typical medium dynamical cluster approximation for the study of Anderson localization in three dimensions
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Vacancy defects induced changes in the electronic and optical properties of NiO studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry and first-principles calculations
KO Egbo, CP Liu, CE Ekuma, KM Yu
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Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of HfO2 on Monolayer, Bilayer, and Trilayer MoS2 for the Integration of High-κ Dielectrics in Two-Dimensional Devices
KM Price, S Najmaei, CE Ekuma, RA Burke, M Dubey, AD Franklin
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ElasTool: An automated toolkit for elastic constants calculation
ZL Liu, CE Ekuma, WQ Li, JQ Yang, XJ Li
Computer Physics Communications 270, 108180, 2022
Efficient -type doping of sputter-deposited NiO thin films with Li, Ag, and Cu acceptors
KO Egbo, CE Ekuma, CP Liu, KM Yu
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Electronic, optical, and thermoelectric properties of Fe2+ xV1− xAl
DP Rai, S Sandeep, A Shankar, R Khenata, AH Reshak, CE Ekuma, ...
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Study of off-diagonal disorder using the typical medium dynamical cluster approximation
H Terletska, CE Ekuma, C Moore, KM Tam, J Moreno, M Jarrell
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Re-examining the electronic structure of germanium: A first-principle study
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Physics Letters A 377 (34-36), 2172-2176, 2013
Induction of general anaesthesia by effect‐site target‐controlled infusion of propofol: influence of pharmacokinetic model and ke0 value
AJ Thomson, G Morrison, E Thomson, C Beattie, AF Nimmo, JB Glen
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Comparison of the thermal properties of asbestos and polyvinylchloride (PVC) ceiling sheets
MC Onyeaju, E Osarolube, EO Chukwuocha, CE Ekuma, GAJ Omasheye
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Molecular identification of a virus causing banana chlorosis disease from Marathwada region
BA Aglave, M Krishnareddy, FS Patil, MS Andhale
International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry 3 (1), 13-24, 2007
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