Dr Shufan Yang
Dr Shufan Yang
Associate Professor in Computational Intelligence, University of Leeds
Adresă de e-mail confirmată pe leeds.ac.uk
Citat de
Citat de
A GALS infrastructure for a massively parallel multiprocessor
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An objective comparison of detection and segmentation algorithms for artefacts in clinical endoscopy
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Radar sensing for healthcare: Associate editor francesco fioranelli on the applications of radar in monitoring vital signs and recognising human activity patterns
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Virtual synaptic interconnect using an asynchronous network-on-chip
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Attenuation of rheumatoid arthritis through the inhibition of tumor necrosis factor–induced caspase 3/gasdermin E–mediated pyroptosis
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Radar signatures of human activities
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The fate of trace organic contaminants in sewage sludge during recuperative thickening anaerobic digestion
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Bioresource technology 240, 197-206, 2017
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