Shahram Solaymani
Shahram Solaymani
Head of Quantum Technologies Research Center, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University
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Citat de
Citat de
Electronic and optical properties of 2D graphene-like ZnS: DFT calculations
H Lashgari, A Boochani, A Shekaari, S Solaymani, E Sartipi, RT Mendi
Applied Surface Science 369, 76-81, 2016
A scheme for secure quantum communication network with authentication using GHZ-like states and cluster states controlled teleportation
M Naseri, MA Raji, MR Hantehzadeh, A Farouk, A Boochani, S Solaymani
Quantum Information Processing 14, 4279-4295, 2015
Microstructure and tribological properties of FeNPs@ aC: H films by micromorphology analysis and fractal geometry
S Ţălu, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, A Shafiekhani, A Ghaderi, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54 (33), 8212-8218, 2015
Influence of scanning rate on quality of AFM image: Study of surface statistical metrics
LG Dinara Sobola, Ștefan Țălu, Shahram Solaymani
Microscopy Research and Technique 80 (11), DOI: 10.1002/jemt.22945, 2017
Fractal features of carbon-nickel composite thin films.
Ș Țălu, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, V Dalouji, S Solaymani, S Valedbagi
Microscopy Research and Technique 79 (12), 1208-1213, 2016
Evolution of rough-surface geometry and crystalline structures of aligned TiO2 nanotubes for photoelectrochemical water splitting
M Zare, S Solaymani, A Shafiekhani, S Kulesza, Ș Țălu, M Bramowicz
Scientific reports 8 (1), 10870, 2018
Stereometric parameters of the Cu/Fe NPs thin films
S Stach, Z Garczyk, S Talu, S Solaymani, A Ghaderi, R Moradian, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (31), 17887-17898, 2015
Novel Graphene-like Co2VAl (111): Case Study on Magnetoelectronic and Optical Properties by First-Principles Calculations
A Boochani, B Nowrozi, J Khodadadi, S Solaymani, S Jalali-Asadabadi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (7), 3978-3986, 2017
Microstructure, morphology and electrochemical properties of Co nanoflake water oxidation electrocatalyst at micro-and nanoscale
N Naseri, S Solaymani, A Ghaderi, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, Ș Țălu, ...
RSC advances 7 (21), 12923-12930, 2017
Structural and optical characterization of ZnO and AZO thin films: the influence of post-annealing
L Dejam, SM Elahi, HH Nazari, H Elahi, S Solaymani, A Ghaderi
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 1-12, 2015
Topographic characterization of Cu–Ni NPs@ aC: H films by AFM and multifractal analysis
S Talu, S Stach, T Ghodselahi, A Ghaderi, S Solaymani, A Boochani, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (17), 5662-5670, 2015
Microstructure and micromorphology of ZnO thin films: case study on Al doping and annealing effects
Ș Țălu, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, S Solaymani, A Ghaderi, L Dejam, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 93, 109-121, 2016
Gold nanoparticles embedded in carbon film: micromorphology analysis
Ș Țălu, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, S Solaymani, A Shafikhani, A Ghaderi, ...
Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 35, 158-166, 2016
Electrodes based on nano-tree-like vanadium nitride and carbon nanotubes for micro-supercapacitors
N Ouldhamadouche, A Achour, R Lucio-Porto, M Islam, S Solaymani, ...
Journal of materials science & technology 34 (6), 976-982, 2018
Fractal features and surface micromorphology of diamond nanocrystals
Ș Țălu, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, A Ghaderi, V Dalouji, S Solaymani, ...
Journal of microscopy 264 (2), 143-152, 2016
Multifractal spectra of atomic force microscope images of Cu/Fe nanoparticles based films thickness
Ș Țălu, S Stach, S Solaymani, R Moradian, A Ghaderi, MR Hantehzadeh, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 749, 31-41, 2015
Influence of plasma functionalization treatment and gold nanoparticles on surface chemistry and wettability of reactive-sputtered TiO2 thin films
A Achour, M Islam, S Solaymani, S Vizireanu, K Saeed, G Dinescu
Applied Surface Science 458, 678-685, 2018
Surface micromorphology and fractal geometry of Co/CP/X (X= Cu, Ti, SM and Ni) nanoflake electrocatalysts
Ș Țălu, S Solaymani, M Bramowicz, N Naseri, S Kulesza, A Ghaderi
RSC advances 6 (32), 27228-27234, 2016
Microstructure and micromorphology of Cu/Co nanoparticles: surface texture analysis
Ș Țălu, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, A Ghaderi, V Dalouji, S Solaymani, ...
Electronic Materials Letters 12, 580-588, 2016
Effect of electric field direction and substrate roughness on three-dimensional self-assembly growth of copper oxide nanowires
Ș Țălu, S Solaymani, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, A Ghaderi, S Shahpouri, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 27, 9272-9277, 2016
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