Cristina Fasone
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E uropean Economic Governance and Parliamentary Representation. What Place for the E uropean Parliament?
C Fasone
European Law Journal 20 (2), 164-185, 2014
Interparliamentary cooperation in the composite European constitution
C Fasone, N Lupo
Interparliamentary Cooperation in the Composite European Constitution, 1-384, 2016
Transparency vs. informality in legislative committees: Comparing the US House of Representatives, the Italian Chamber of Deputies and the European Parliament
C Fasone, N Lupo
The Journal of Legislative Studies 21 (3), 342-359, 2015
Foreword: Constitutional Courts in the European Legal System After the Treaty of Lisbon and the Euro-Crisis
M Dicosola, C Fasone, I Spigno
German Law Journal 16 (6), 1317-1330, 2015
Constitutional courts facing the Euro crisis: Italy, Portugal and Spain in a comparative perspective
C Fasone
Sistemi di commissioni parlamentari e forme di governo
C Fasone
Monografia, 714, 2012
The struggle of the European Parliament to participate in the new economic governance
C Fasone
Differentiated representation: is a flexible European Parliament desirable?
D Curtin, C Fasone
Between Flexibility and Disintegration, 118-145, 2017
The Prospective role of Constitutional Courts in the Advisory Opinion mechanism before the European Court of Human Rights: A first comparative assessment with the European …
M Dicosola, C Fasone, I Spigno
German Law Journal 16 (6), 1387-1428, 2015
Can fiscal councils enhance the role of national parliaments in the European Union? A comparative analysis
C Fasone, E Griglio
The Euro crisis and the state of European democracy: contributions from the …, 2013
Eurozone, non-Eurozone and “troubled asymmetries” among national parliaments in the EU. Why and to what extent this is of concern
C Fasone
Perspectives on Federalism 6 (3), 2014
Taking budgetary powers away from national parliaments? On parliamentary prerogatives in the Eurozone crisis
C Fasone
On Parliamentary Prerogatives in the Eurozone Crisis, 2015
From veto players to agenda-setters? National parliaments and their ‘green card’to the European Commission
C Fasone, D Fromage
Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 23 (2), 294-316, 2016
Interparliamentary cooperation and democratic representation in the European Union
C Fasone
The challenge of democratic representation in the European Union, 41-58, 2012
The Interparliamentary Conference on Common Foreign and Security Policy A Quest for Democratic Accountability
J Wouters, K Raube
Hart; Oxford 1, 227-245, 2016
Il Parlamento europeo alla luce delle novità introdotte nel Trattato di Lisbona e nel suo regolamento interno
C Fasone, N Lupo
Studi sull’integrazione europea 7, 329-357, 2012
Europe’s fractured metabolic constitution: From the eurozone crisis to the coronavirus response
C Fasone, PL Lindseth
LUISS School of Government, SOG Working Paper 61, 2020
Towards a Ius Commune on Elections in Europe? The Role of the Code of Good Practice in Electoral Matters in “Harmonizing” Electoral Rights
C Fasone, G Piccirilli
Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics, and Policy 16 (2), 247-254, 2017
Competing concepts of subsidiarity in the early warning mechanism
C Fasone
LUISS Guido Carli School of Government Working Paper No. SOG-WP4/2013, 2013
What role for regional assemblies in regional states? Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom in Comparative Perspective
C Fasone
Perspectives on Federalism 4 (2), 171-216, 2012
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