Robert Davis
Robert Davis
Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University
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Patterned protein layers on solid substrates by thin stamp microcontact printing
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MRL 45. Landon A. Wiest, David S. Jensen, Chuan-Hsi Hung, Rebecca E. Olsen ...
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Terraforming cyberspace
JM Bradshaw, N Suri, AJ Canas, R Davis, K Ford, R Hoffman, R Jeffers, ...
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A sweet spot for highly efficient growth of vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotube forests enabling their unique structures and properties
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Chemical Alignment of DNA Origami to Block Copolymer Patterned Arrays of 5 nm Gold Nanoparticles
AC Pearson, E Pound, AT Woolley, MR Linford, JN Harb, RC Davis
Nano letters 11 (5), 1981-1987, 2011
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