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Carbon‐sensitive pedotransfer functions for plant available water
DK Bagnall, CLS Morgan, M Cope, GM Bean, S Cappellazzi, K Greub, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 86 (3), 612-629, 2022
Evaluation of aggregate stability methods for soil health
EL Rieke, DK Bagnall, CLS Morgan, KD Flynn, JA Howe, KLH Greub, ...
Geoderma 428, 116156, 2022
A minimum suite of soil health indicators for North American agriculture
DK Bagnall, EL Rieke, CLS Morgan, DL Liptzin, SB Cappellazzi, ...
Soil Security 10, 100084, 2023
Soil health considerations for global food security
DK Bagnall, JF Shanahan, A Flanders, CLS Morgan, CW Honeycutt
Agronomy Journal 113 (6), 4581-4589, 2021
Selecting soil hydraulic properties as indicators of soil health: Measurement response to management and site characteristics
DK Bagnall, CLS Morgan, GM Bean, D Liptzin, SB Cappellazzi, M Cope, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 86 (5), 1206-1226, 2022
Evaluation of SLAKES, a smartphone application for quantifying aggregate stability, in high‐clay soils
KD Flynn, DK Bagnall, CLS Morgan
Soil Science Society of America Journal 84 (2), 345-353, 2020
Farmers’ insights on soil health indicators and adoption
DK Bagnall, WA McIntosh, CLS Morgan, RT Woodward, M Cisneros, ...
Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment 3 (1), e20066, 2020
SLAKES and 3D Scans characterize management effects on soil structure in farm fields
DK Bagnall, CLS Morgan
Soil and Tillage Research 208, 104893, 2021
An in situ method for quantifying tillage effects on soil structure using multistripe laser triangulation
DK Bagnall, EJ Jones, S Balke, CLS Morgan, AB McBratney
Geoderma 380, 114642, 2020
Testing a water redistribution model in a cracked vertisol at two scales
D Bagnall, CLS Morgan, CC Molling, JL Heilman, GW Moore
Vadose Zone Journal 18 (1), 1-11, 2019
Testing a mesopore and matrix model for use on shrink-swell soils
DK Bagnall
Effect of air‐and water‐filled voids on neutron moisture meter measurements of clay soil
DK Bagnall, PM Crespo Gutierrez, YT Yimam, CLS Morgan, HL Neely, ...
Vadose Zone Journal 17 (1), 1-9, 2018
Social licensing to secure soil
CLS Morgan, GD Morgan, D Bagnall
Global soil security, 247-251, 2017
Assessing the watershed-scale effects of tillage management on surface runoff and sediment loss using a Curve Number-precipitation relationship based approach
S Samanta, S Ale, DK Bagnall, CLS Morgan
Journal of Hydrology 625, 130130, 2023
Approach to valuing soil ecosystem services with linking indicators
DK Bagnall, C Morgan, RT Woodward, WA McIntosh
Global Soil Security, 2018
Components of soil carbon accounting
DK Bagnall, CLS Morgan
Crops & Soils 55 (2), 38-43, 2022
Common ground: Developing meaningful, measurable, indicators of soil health
DK Bagnall, WA McIntosh, CLS Morgan, M Black, M Cisneros, ...
ASA, CSSA and SSSA International Annual Meetings (2019), 2019
User Experiences: Early Career Members’ Feedback About AI Chatbots
D Bagnall, N Looker
CSA News 69 (4), 38-40, 2024
Modeling Tillage Effects on Plant-Available Water by Considering Changes in Soil Structure
S Samanta, D Bagnall, S Ale, CLS Morgan, CC Molling
Journal of the ASABE, 0, 2024
Soil Health in Missouri-Long Term Research in Diverse Landscapes
TM Reinbott, DK Bagnall
ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Meeting, 2023
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