Mattias Frenne
Mattias Frenne
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NR: The new 5G radio access technology
S Parkvall, E Dahlman, A Furuskar, M Frenne
IEEE Communications Standards Magazine 1 (4), 24-30, 2017
5G new radio: Unveiling the essentials of the next generation wireless access technology
X Lin, J Li, R Baldemair, JFT Cheng, S Parkvall, DC Larsson, H Koorapaty, ...
IEEE Communications Standards Magazine 3 (3), 30-37, 2019
LTE release 14 outlook
C Hoymann, D Astely, M Stattin, G Wikstrom, JF Cheng, A Hoglund, ...
IEEE Communications Magazine 54 (6), 44-49, 2016
Random Access with Primary and Secondary Component Carrier Communications
D Larsson, L Boström, D Gerstenberger, JF Cheng, R Baldemair, ...
US Patent App. 13/502,309, 2013
Sending and detecting synchronization signals and an associated information message
M Frenne, J Furuskog, D Gerstenberger
US Patent 10,348,541, 2019
A Node and Method for Downlink Communications Scheduling
M Frenne, D Larsson, L Lindbom
US Patent App. 13/981,847, 2014
Modular and high-resolution channel state information and beam management for 5G new radio
E Onggosanusi, MS Rahman, L Guo, Y Kwak, H Noh, Y Kim, S Faxer, ...
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (3), 48-55, 2018
Advanced antenna systems for 5G network deployments: bridging the gap between theory and practice
H Asplund, J Karlsson, F Kronestedt, E Larsson, D Astely, ...
Academic Press, 2020
System and method for beam-based physical random-access
M Frenne, H Andersson, J Furuskog, S Parkvall, H Sahlin, Q Zhang
US Patent 9,814,068, 2017
Network node, user equipment and methods therein
M Frenne, C Hoymann, J Furuskog, D Larsson, JF Cheng, H Koorapaty
US Patent 8,982,814, 2015
System and method for channel state information feedback in wireless communications systems
J Wang, Y Tang, Y Zhou, D Mazzarese, M Frenne
US Patent 9,100,169, 2015
Wireless device, network node, methods therein, for respectively sending and receiving a report on quality of transmitted beams
M Frenne, S Parkvall, J Furuskog
US Patent 10,284,310, 2019
User Equipment, Network Node and Methods Therein
R Baldemair, JF Cheng, M Frenne, D Larsson
US Patent App. 14/546,704, 2015
Radio network node, user equipment and methods therein
D Larsson, R Baldemair, JF Cheng, M Frenne, D Gerstenberger
US Patent 9,503,239, 2016
Network node, wireless device, methods therein, for sending and detecting, respectively, synchronization signal and an associated information
M Frenne, D Gerstenberger, J Furuskog
US Patent 10,284,320, 2019
On MIMO systems and adaptive arrays for wireless communication: Analysis and practical issues.
MH Wennstrom
Signaling adapted CSI-RS periodicities in active antenna systems
S Nammi, M Frenne, M Harrison, M Kazmi
US Patent 9,999,073, 2018
Uplink multi-TTI scheduling in TDD system
H Sahlin, M Frenne, J Furuskog, S Parkvall, Q Zhang
US Patent 9,942,881, 2018
Channel state information measurements for license-assisted access
M Frenne, JF Cheng, S Falahati, H Koorapaty, D Larsson
US Patent 10,063,304, 2018
Methods and arrangements for transmitting and receiving control information
M Frenne, JF Cheng, J Furuskog, C Hoymann, H Koorapaty, D Larsson
US Patent 9,930,648, 2018
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