Peter Pekker
Peter Pekker
University of Pannonia, NANOLAB
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Mechanical activation of fly ash and its influence on micro and nano-structural behaviour of resulting geopolymers
S Kumar, G Mucsi, F Kristály, P Pekker
Advanced powder technology 28 (3), 805-813, 2017
Rapid determination of full and empty adeno-associated virus capsid ratio by capillary isoelectric focusing
T Li, T Gao, H Chen, P Pekker, A Menyhart, A Guttman
Current Molecular Medicine 20 (10), 814-820, 2020
A half-century of environmental mineral formation on a pyrite-bearing waste dump in the Mátra Mountains, Hungary
IM Farkas, TG Weiszburg, P Pekker, E Kuzmann
The Canadian Mineralogist 47 (3), 509-524, 2009
Clay minerals affect calcium (magnesium) carbonate precipitation and aging
Z Molnár, P Pekker, I Dódony, M Pósfai
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 567, 116971, 2021
PbS biomineralization using cysteine: Bacillus cereus and the sulfur rush
LC Staicu, PJ Wojtowicz, M Pósfai, P Pekker, A Gorecki, FL Jordan, ...
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 96 (9), fiaa151, 2020
Nanotubes as polymer composite reinforcing additive materials–A comparative study
L Vanyorek, E Sikora, T Balogh, K Román, K Marossy, P Pekker, ...
Arabian Journal of Chemistry 13 (2), 3775-3782, 2020
Volumetric changes associated with B2-(Ni, Fe) Al dissolution in an Al-alloyed ferritic steel
R Rahimi, P Pekker, H Biermann, O Volkova, BC De Cooman, J Mola
Materials & Design 111, 640-645, 2016
Palladium nanoparticles on a pyridinium supported ionic liquid phase: a recyclable and low-leaching palladium catalyst for aminocarbonylation reactions
B Adamcsik, E Nagy, B Urbán, P Szabó, P Pekker, R Skoda-Földes
RSC advances 10 (40), 23988-23998, 2020
Electron crystallographic study of a kaolinite single crystal
I Cora, I Dódony, P Pekker
Applied Clay Science 90, 6-10, 2014
Wettability of magnetite nanoparticles guides growth from stabilized amorphous ferrihydrite
L Kuhrts, S Prévost, DM Chevrier, P Pekker, O Spaeker, M Egglseder, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (29), 10963-10969, 2021
Draft genome sequence of Methylibium sp. strain T29, a novel fuel oxygenate-degrading bacterial isolate from Hungary
Z Szabó, P Gyula, H Robotka, E Bató, B Gálik, P Pach, P Pekker, I Papp, ...
Standards in Genomic Sciences 10, 1-10, 2015
Fine-tuning the catalytic activity by applying nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as catalyst supports for the hydrogenation of olefins
E Sikora, A Kiss, Z H. Göndör, P Pekker, F Kristály, M Szőri, A Rágyanszki, ...
Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis 129, 95-106, 2020
Development and Application of Carbon‐Layer‐Stabilized, Nitrogen‐Doped, Bamboo‐Like Carbon Nanotube Catalysts in CO2 Hydrogenation
E Sikora, Á Prekob, G Halasi, L Vanyorek, P Pekker, F Kristály, T Varga, ...
ChemistryOpen 7 (10), 789-796, 2018
Clay mineralogy of the Boda Claystone Formation (Mecsek Mts., SW Hungary)
T Németh, Z Máthé, P Pekker, I Dódony, V Kovács-Kis, P Sipos, I Cora, ...
Open Geosciences 8 (1), 259-274, 2016
Single crystal structure determination and refinement of AgZrCu4 and Ag-containing Cu10Zr7 by precession electron diffraction and tomography techniques
I Cora, P Pekker, I Dódony, D Janovszky
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 658, 678-683, 2016
Characterization and catalytic activity of different carbon supported Pd nanocomposites
L Vanyorek, G Halasi, P Pekker, F Kristály, Z Kónya
Catalysis Letters 146, 2268-2277, 2016
Texture change of TiN films due to anisotropic incorporation of oxygen
D Biro, MF Hasaneen, L Székely, M Menyhárd, S Gurbán, P Pekker, ...
Vacuum 103, 78-86, 2014
Accelerated soil development due to seasonal water-saturation under hydric conditions
Z Szalai, M Ringer, T Németh, P Sipos, K Perényi, P Pekker, R Balázs, ...
Geoderma 401, 115328, 2021
Nanoscale structural and morphological features of kaolinite nanoscrolls
É Makó, I Dódony, P Pekker, M Pósfai, A Kovács, Z Ható, T Kristóf
Applied Clay Science 198, 105800, 2020
Nanoscale pathway of modern dolomite formation in a shallow, alkaline lake
P Meister, S Frisia, I Dódony, P Pekker, Z Molnár, S Neuhuber, S Gier, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 23 (5), 3202-3212, 2023
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