Professor of Seismology and Potential Fields, University of Bucharest
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Upward continuation of potential fields from a polyhedral surface
M Ivan
Geophysical Prospecting 42 (5), 391-404, 1994
SKS splitting observed at Romanian broad-band seismic network
M Ivan, M Popa, D Ghica
Tectonophysics 462 (1-4), 89-98, 2008
Attenuation of P and pP waves in Vrancea area–Romania
M Ivan
Journal of seismology 11 (1), 73-85, 2007
On the upward continuation of potential field data between irregular surfaces
M Ivan
Geophysical prospecting 34 (5), 735-742, 1986
Crustal thickness in Vrancea area, Romania from S to P converted waves
M Ivan
Journal of Seismology 15 (2), 317-328, 2011
Optimum expression for computation of the magnetic field of a homogeneous polyhedral body
M Ivan
Geophysical prospecting 44 (2), 279-288, 1996
Comment on “Optimum expression for computation of the gravity field of a homogeneous polyhedral body” by V. Pohánka
M Ivan
Geophysical prospecting 38 (3), 331-332, 1990
Uppermost inner core attenuation from PKP data observed at some South American seismological stations
M Ivan, V Marza, D de Farias Caixeta, T de Melo Arraes
Geophysical Journal International 164 (2), 441-448, 2006
Short-period Q pP-P in Vrancea area-Romania
M Ivan
Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society 6 (1), 46-52, 2003
QS-P in Vrancea and adjacent areas–Romania
M Ivan
St. cerc. Geofizică 41, 57-63, 2003
SKS splitting observed at the MLR GEOFON station in the Vrancea area, Romania
M Ivan
Revue Roumaine de Geophysique 44, 79-86, 2000
Probing the subcontinental South American upper mantle with SKS splitting at some selected Brazilian stations
M Ivan, LJH Silva, V Marza
Rev. Roum. Geophys 45, 39-57, 2001
SKS Splitting observed at the Hungarian station PSZ-Geofon Network
M Ivan, L Tóth, M Kiszely
Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society 5 (3), 71-76, 2002
Line integrals of potential field data1
M Ivan
Geophysical prospecting 42 (7), 735-743, 1994
High Frequency PKKPBC Around 2.5 Hz Recorded Globally
M Ivan, VF Cormier
Pure and applied geophysics 168 (10), 1759-1768, 2011
Polyhedral approximations in physical geodesy
M Ivan
Journal of Geodesy 70 (11), 755-767, 1996
Non quasi-hemispherical seismological pattern of the earth’s uppermost inner core
M Ivan, R Wang, R Hofstetter
Scientific reports 8 (1), 2270, 2018
Lowermost mantle velocity estimations beneath the central North Atlantic area from Pdif observed at Balkan, East Mediterranean, and American stations
M Ivan, DV Ghica, A Gosar, P Hatzidimitriou, R Hofstetter, G Polat, ...
Pure and Applied Geophysics 172 (2), 283-293, 2015
Attenuation in the uppermost inner core from PKP data observed at Romanian stations
M Ivan, M Popa
Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society 7 (3), 23-29, 2004
Uppermost inner core heterogeneity from differential travel times of pkikp vs. pkp-bdiff and pkp-cdiff phases
M Ivan, X He
Pure and Applied Geophysics 174 (1), 249-259, 2017
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