Pierre Vandergheynst
Pierre Vandergheynst
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
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Citat de
Citat de
Convolutional neural networks on graphs with fast localized spectral filtering
M Defferrard, X Bresson, P Vandergheynst
Advances in neural information processing systems 29, 2016
The emerging field of signal processing on graphs: Extending high-dimensional data analysis to networks and other irregular domains
DI Shuman, SK Narang, P Frossard, A Ortega, P Vandergheynst
IEEE signal processing magazine 30 (3), 83-98, 2013
Geometric deep learning: going beyond euclidean data
MM Bronstein, J Bruna, Y LeCun, A Szlam, P Vandergheynst
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 34 (4), 18-42, 2017
Freak: Fast retina keypoint
A Alahi, R Ortiz, P Vandergheynst
2012 IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern recognition, 510-517, 2012
Wavelets on graphs via spectral graph theory
DK Hammond, P Vandergheynst, R Gribonval
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 30 (2), 129-150, 2011
Graph signal processing: Overview, challenges, and applications
A Ortega, P Frossard, J Kovačević, JMF Moura, P Vandergheynst
Proceedings of the IEEE 106 (5), 808-828, 2018
Fast global minimization of the active contour/snake model
X Bresson, S Esedoḡlu, P Vandergheynst, JP Thiran, S Osher
Journal of Mathematical Imaging and vision 28 (2), 151-167, 2007
Structured sequence modeling with graph convolutional recurrent networks
Y Seo, M Defferrard, P Vandergheynst, X Bresson
Neural Information Processing: 25th International Conference, ICONIP 2018 …, 2018
Compressed sensing for real-time energy-efficient ECG compression on wireless body sensor nodes
H Mamaghanian, N Khaled, D Atienza, P Vandergheynst
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 58 (9), 2456-2466, 2011
Geodesic convolutional neural networks on riemannian manifolds
J Masci, D Boscaini, M Bronstein, P Vandergheynst
Proceedings of the IEEE international conference on computer vision …, 2015
Compressed sensing and redundant dictionaries
H Rauhut, K Schnass, P Vandergheynst
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 54 (5), 2210-2219, 2008
Learning Laplacian matrix in smooth graph signal representations
X Dong, D Thanou, P Frossard, P Vandergheynst
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 64 (23), 6160-6173, 2016
Two-dimensional wavelets and their relatives
JP Antoine, R Murenzi, P Vandergheynst, ST Ali
Cambridge University Press, 2008
FMA: A dataset for music analysis
M Defferrard, K Benzi, P Vandergheynst, X Bresson
arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.01840, 2016
DTI mapping of human brain connectivity: statistical fibre tracking and virtual dissection
P Hagmann, JP Thiran, L Jonasson, P Vandergheynst, S Clarke, ...
Neuroimage 19 (3), 545-554, 2003
Vertex-frequency analysis on graphs
DI Shuman, B Ricaud, P Vandergheynst
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 40 (2), 260-291, 2016
GSPBOX: A toolbox for signal processing on graphs
N Perraudin, J Paratte, D Shuman, L Martin, V Kalofolias, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1408.5781, 2014
Compressed sensing imaging techniques for radio interferometry
Y Wiaux, L Jacques, G Puy, AMM Scaife, P Vandergheynst
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 395 (3), 1733-1742, 2009
Wavelets on the 2-sphere: A group-theoretical approach
JP Antoine, P Vandergheynst
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 7 (3), 262-291, 1999
Stationary signal processing on graphs
N Perraudin, P Vandergheynst
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 65 (13), 3462-3477, 2017
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