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Weighted sum-rate maximization using weighted MMSE for MIMO-BC beamforming design
SS Christensen, R Agarwal, E De Carvalho, JM Cioffi
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 7 (12), 4792-4799, 2008
Sparse signal processing for grant-free massive connectivity: A future paradigm for random access protocols in the Internet of Things
L Liu, EG Larsson, W Yu, P Popovski, C Stefanovic, E De Carvalho
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Wireless access in ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC)
P Popovski, Č Stefanović, JJ Nielsen, E De Carvalho, M Angjelichinoski, ...
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Wireless access for ultra-reliable low-latency communication: Principles and building blocks
P Popovski, JJ Nielsen, C Stefanovic, E De Carvalho, E Strom, ...
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An optimal channel estimation scheme for intelligent reflecting surfaces based on a minimum variance unbiased estimator
TL Jensen, E De Carvalho
ICASSP 2020-2020 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and …, 2020
Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: A signal processing perspective with wireless applications
E Björnson, H Wymeersch, B Matthiesen, P Popovski, L Sanguinetti, ...
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Towards massive connectivity support for scalable mMTC communications in 5G networks
C Bockelmann, NK Pratas, G Wunder, S Saur, M Navarro, D Gregoratti, ...
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Cramer-Rao bounds for semi-blind, blind and training sequence based channel estimation
E De Carvalho, DTM Slock
First IEEE signal processing workshop on signal processing advances in …, 1997
Non-stationarities in extra-large-scale massive MIMO
E De Carvalho, A Ali, A Amiri, M Angjelichinoski, RW Heath
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Practical guide to MIMO radio channel: With MATLAB examples
T Brown, P Kyritsi, E De Carvalho
John Wiley & Sons, 2012
Reconfigurable, intelligent, and sustainable wireless environments for 6G smart connectivity
EC Strinati, GC Alexandropoulos, H Wymeersch, B Denis, ...
IEEE Communications Magazine 59 (10), 99-105, 2021
A random access protocol for pilot allocation in crowded massive MIMO systems
E Björnson, E De Carvalho, JH Sørensen, EG Larsson, P Popovski
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Wireless environment as a service enabled by reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: The RISE-6G perspective
EC Strinati, GC Alexandropoulos, V Sciancalepore, M Di Renzo, ...
2021 Joint European Conference on Networks and Communications & 6G Summit …, 2021
Towards very large aperture massive MIMO: A measurement based study
AO Martinez, E De Carvalho, JØ Nielsen
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Massive MIMO for internet of things (IoT) connectivity
AS Bana, E De Carvalho, B Soret, T Abrao, JC Marinello, EG Larsson, ...
Physical Communication 37, 100859, 2019
Hybrid forwarding scheme for cooperative relaying in OFDM based networks
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Improving the rates in wireless relay systems through superposition coding
P Popovski, E De Carvalho
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Blind and semi-blind FIR multichannel estimation:(global) identifiability conditions
E de Carvalho, DTM Slock
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Random access protocols for massive MIMO
E De Carvalho, E Bjornson, JH Sorensen, P Popovski, EG Larsson
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Extremely large aperture massive MIMO: Low complexity receiver architectures
A Amiri, M Angjelichinoski, E De Carvalho, RW Heath
2018 IEEE Globecom Workshops (GC Wkshps), 1-6, 2018
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