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Ciprian Ionuț Raț
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19-Tungstodiarsenate (III) Functionalized by Organoantimony (III) Groups: Tuning the Structure–Bioactivity Relationship
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Mapping the Trajectory of Nucleophilic Substitution at Silicon Using a peri‐Substituted Acenaphthyl Scaffold
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Syntheses and crystal structures of [tBu3SbCr(CO)5], [tBu3BiM(CO)5] (M = Cr, W), and [tBu3BiMnCp′(CO)2] (Cp′ = η5-C5H4CH3)
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Organoantimony(III) compounds containing (imino) aryl ligands of the type 2-(RN=CH)C6H4 (R = 2′,4′,6′-Me3C6H2, 2′,6′-iPr2C6H3): bromides and chalcogenides
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Syntheses and Structures of Distibene Complexes of Tungsten and Titanium:[W (CO) 5 {(2, 6-Mes2C6H3) 2Sb2}](Mes= 2, 4, 6-Me3C6H2) and [Cp2Ti {(2, 6-Mes2C6H3) 2Sb2)}]
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Chemistry–A European Journal 27 (13), 4327-4331, 2021
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