Maricel Agop
Maricel Agop
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Experimental and theoretical investigations of a laser-produced aluminum plasma
S Gurlui, M Agop, P Nica, M Ziskind, C Focsa
Physical Review E 78 (2), 026405, 2008
Differentiability and fractality in dynamics of physical systems
I Merches, M Agop
World Scientific, 2015
Aspects regarding the pharmaceutical waste management in Romania
S Bungau, DM Tit, K Fodor, G Cioca, M Agop, C Iovan, DCN Cseppento, ...
Sustainability 10 (8), 2788, 2018
Experimental and theoretical considerations on sound absorption performance of waste materials including the effect of backing plates
C Bujoreanu, F Nedeff, M Benchea, M Agop
Applied Acoustics 119, 88-93, 2017
Experimental and theoretical aspects of aluminum expanding laser plasma
P Nica, P Vizureanu, M Agop, S Gurlui, C Focsa, N Forna, PD Ioannou, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 48 (6R), 066001, 2009
The microscopic-macroscopic scale transformation through a chaos scenario in the fractal space-time theory
GV Munceleanu, VP Paun, I Casian-Botez, M Agop
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 21 (02), 603-618, 2011
New theoretical approach of the physical processes in nanostructures
M Agop, N Forna, I Casian-Botez, C Bejenariu
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Conductive and convective types behaviors at nano-time scales
I Casian-Botez, M Agop, P Nica, V Paun, GV Munceleanu
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 7 (11), 2271-2280, 2010
El Naschie’s Cantorian space–time and general relativity by means of Barbilian’s group.: A Cantorian fractal axiomatic model of space–time
I Gottlieb, M Agop, M Jarcǎu
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 19 (4), 705-730, 2004
Phases in the temporal multiscale evolution of the drug release mechanism in IPN-type chitosan based hydrogels
ES Bacaita, BC Ciobanu, M Popa, M Agop, J Desbrieres
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (47), 25896-25905, 2014
Plume splitting and oscillatory behavior in transient plasmas generated by high-fluence laser ablation in vacuum
C Focsa, S Gurlui, P Nica, M Agop, M Ziskind
Applied Surface Science 424, 299-309, 2017
El Naschie’s ε (∞) theory and effects of nanoparticle clustering on the heat transport in nanofluids
M Agop, V Paun, A Harabagiu
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 37 (5), 1269-1278, 2008
Al2O3 ceramics under high-fluence irradiation: plasma plume dynamics through space- and time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy
C Ursu, OG Pompilian, S Gurlui, P Nica, M Agop, M Dudeck, C Focsa
Applied Physics A 101, 153-159, 2010
El Naschie’s ε (∞) space–time and scale relativity theory in the topological dimension D= 4
M Agop, C Murgulet
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 32 (3), 1231-1240, 2007
Absence of a gravitational analog to the Meissner effect
C Ciubotariu, M Agop
General Relativity and Gravitation 28, 405-412, 1996
Some experimental and theoretical results on the anodic patterns in plasma discharge
S Gurlui, M Agop, M Strat, G Strat, S Bacaita, A Cerepaniuc
Physics of plasmas 13 (6), 063503, 2006
Experimental and theoretical investigations of a plasma fireball dynamics
O Niculescu, DG Dimitriu, VP Paun, PD Matasaru, D Scurtu, M Agop
Physics of Plasmas 17 (4), 042305, 2010
El Naschie’s ε (∞) space–time, hydrodynamic model of scale relativity theory and some applications
M Agop, P Nica, PD Ioannou, O Malandraki, I Gavanas-Pahomi
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 34 (5), 1704-1723, 2007
Dynamics in the boundary layer of a flat particle
V Nedeff, E Moșneguțu, M Panainte, M Ristea, G Lazăr, D Scurtu, ...
Powder Technology 221, 312-317, 2012
Fractal transport phenomena through the scale relativity model
M Colotin, G Pompilian, P Nica, S Gurlui, V Paun, M Agop
Acta Physica Polonica A 116 (2), 157-164, 2009
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