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Tracy W. Liu
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Activatable photosensitizers for imaging and therapy
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Multimodal bacteriochlorophyll theranostic agent
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Hyperpolarized [1-13C] pyruvate-to-[1-13C] lactate conversion is rate-limited by monocarboxylate transporter-1 in the plasma membrane
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Myeloid cell–derived HOCl is a paracrine effector that trans-inhibits IKK/NF-κB in melanoma cells and limits early tumor progression
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Inhibition of myeloperoxidase enhances immune checkpoint therapy for melanoma
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Multi-Modal Multi-Spectral Intravital Microscopic Imaging of Signaling Dynamics in Real-Time during Tumor–Immune Interactions
TW Liu, ST Gammon, D Piwnica-Worms
Cells 10 (3), 499, 2021
Development of a potential gallium-68-labelled radiotracer based on DOTA-curcumin for colon-rectal carcinoma: From synthesis to in vivo studies
G Orteca, F Pisaneschi, S Rubagotti, TW Liu, G Biagiotti, ...
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Multi-modal multi-spectral intravital macroscopic imaging of signaling dynamics in real time during tumor–immune interactions
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Interrogating cellular communication in cancer with genetically encoded imaging reporters
ST Gammon, TW Liu, D Piwnica-Worms
Radiology: Imaging Cancer 2 (4), e190053, 2020
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