Nicola Rebora
Nicola Rebora
CIMA Research Foundation
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Analysis and hindcast simulations of an extreme rainfall event in the Mediterranean area: The Genoa 2011 case
E Fiori, A Comellas, L Molini, N Rebora, F Siccardi, DJ Gochis, S Tanelli, ...
Atmospheric Research 138, 13-29, 2014
RainFARM: Rainfall downscaling by a filtered autoregressive model
N Rebora, L Ferraris, J von Hardenberg, A Provenzale
Journal of Hydrometeorology 7 (4), 724-738, 2006
A comparison of stochastic models for spatial rainfall downscaling
L Ferraris, S Gabellani, N Rebora, A Provenzale
Water Resources Research 39 (12), 2003
Extreme rainfall in the Mediterranean: What can we learn from observations?
N Rebora, L Molini, E Casella, A Comellas, E Fiori, F Pignone, F Siccardi, ...
Journal of Hydrometeorology 14 (3), 906-922, 2013
A hydrological analysis of the 4 November 2011 event in Genoa
F Silvestro, S Gabellani, F Giannoni, A Parodi, N Rebora, R Rudari, ...
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 12 (9), 2743-2752, 2012
Towards a definition of a real-time forecasting network for rainfall induced shallow landslides
S Segoni, L Leoni, AI Benedetti, F Catani, G Righini, G Falorni, ...
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 9 (6), 2119-2133, 2009
The flash flood of the Bisagno Creek on 9th October 2014: An “unfortunate” combination of spatial and temporal scales
F Silvestro, N Rebora, F Giannoni, A Cavallo, L Ferraris
Journal of Hydrology 541, 50-62, 2016
Comparison of two early warning systems for regional flash flood hazard forecasting
C Corral, M Berenguer, D Sempere-Torres, L Poletti, F Silvestro, ...
Journal of Hydrology 572, 603-619, 2019
Classifying severe rainfall events over Italy by hydrometeorological and dynamical criteria
L Molini, A Parodi, N Rebora, GC Craig
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 137 (654), 148-154, 2011
Rainfall downscaling and flood forecasting: a case study in the Mediterranean area
N Rebora, L Ferraris, J Von Hardenberg, A Provenzale
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 6 (4), 611-619, 2006
Hydrometeorological multi-model ensemble simulations of the 4 November 2011 flash flood event in Genoa, Italy, in the framework of the DRIHM project
A Hally, O Caumont, L Garrote, E Richard, A Weerts, F Delogu, E Fiori, ...
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 15 (3), 537-555, 2015
Revisiting multifractality in rainfall fields
L Ferraris, S Gabellani, U Parodi, N Rebora, J Von Hardenberg, ...
Journal of hydrometeorology 4 (3), 544-551, 2003
The validation service of the hydrological SAF geostationary and polar satellite precipitation products
S Puca, F Porcu, A Rinollo, G Vulpiani, P Baguis, S Balabanova, ...
Natural hazards and earth system sciences 14 (4), 871-889, 2014
Impact of precipitation forecast uncertainties and initial soil moisture conditions on a probabilistic flood forecasting chain
F Silvestro, N Rebora
Journal of Hydrology 519, 1052-1067, 2014
Quantitative flood forecasting on small-and medium-sized basins: a probabilistic approach for operational purposes
F Silvestro, N Rebora, L Ferraris
Journal of Hydrometeorology 12 (6), 1432-1446, 2011
An algorithm for real-time rainfall rate estimation by using polarimetric radar: RIME
F Silvestro, N Rebora, L Ferraris
Journal of Hydrometeorology 10 (1), 227-240, 2009
Using nowcasting technique and data assimilation in a meteorological model to improve very short range hydrological forecasts
ML Poletti, F Silvestro, S Davolio, F Pignone, N Rebora
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 23 (9), 3823-3841, 2019
Improvement of the global flood model for the GAR 2015
R Rudari, F Silvestro, L Campo, N Rebora, G Boni, C Herold
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), Centro …, 2015
Experiences of dealing with flash floods using an ensemble hydrological nowcasting chain: implications of communication, accessibility and distribution of the results
F Silvestro, N Rebora, G Cummings, L Ferraris
Journal of Flood Risk Management 10 (4), 446-462, 2017
Validation of the Flood‐PROOFS probabilistic forecasting system
P Laiolo, S Gabellani, N Rebora, R Rudari, L Ferraris, S Ratto, H Stevenin, ...
Hydrological processes 28 (9), 3466-3481, 2014
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