Matthew D Crosston
Matthew D Crosston
Director for Academic Transformation, Professor of National Security, Bowie State University
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World gone cyber MAD: How “mutually assured debilitation” is the best hope for cyber deterrence
MD Crosston
Strategic studies quarterly 5 (1), 100-116, 2011
Fostering fundamentalism: terrorism, democracy and American engagement in Central Asia
M Crosston
Routledge, 2016
Terra incognita: Mapping American intelligence education curriculum
S Coulthart, M Crosston
Journal of Strategic Security 8 (3), 46-68, 2015
Cold War and Ayatollah residues: Syria as a chessboard for Russia, Iran, and the United States
MD Crosston
Strategic Studies Quarterly 8 (4), 94-111, 2014
Shadow separatism: implications for democratic consolidation
M Crosston
Routledge, 2019
Pandora’s presumption: Drones and the problematic ethics of techno-war
M Crosston
Journal of Strategic Security 7 (4), 1-24, 2014
Mutating power: tracking the changes in authority of the sub-regional communist party nomenclature during late-stage soviet and post-soviet socialism (1985-2005)
DG Seltser, MD Crosston
Вестник Тамбовского государственного технического университета 11 (2), 578-589, 2005
Bringing non-Western cultures and conditions into comparative intelligence perspectives: India, Russia, and China
M Crosston
International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence 29 (1), 110-131, 2016
Occam’s follies: real and imagined biases facing intelligence studies
M Crosston
Journal of Strategic Security 6 (3), 40-53, 2013
An Intelligence Civil War:„HUMINT” vs.„TECHINT”
M Crosston, F Valli
Cyber, Intelligence, and Security 1 (1), 67-82, 2017
Phreak the speak: the flawed communications within cyber intelligentsia
M Crosston
Cyberspace and International Relations: Theory, Prospects and Challenges …, 2013
Virtual patriots and a new American cyber strategy: changing the zero-sum game
M Crosston
Strategic Studies Quarterly 6 (4), 100-118, 2012
Fragile friendships: Partnerships between the academy and intelligence
MD Crosston
international Journal of intelligence and Counterintelligence 31 (1), 139-158, 2018
Cyber colonization: The dangerous fusion of artificial intelligence and authoritarian regimes
M Crosston
Cyber, Intelligence, and Security Journal 4 (1), 149-171, 2020
Compromising coalitions and duplicitous diplomacy: US support for Tajikistan after 9/11 and its security implications
M Crosston
Central Asian Survey 27 (2), 155-167, 2008
Cultures, conditions, and cognitive closure: Breaking intelligence studies’ dependence on security studies
M Crosston
Journal of Strategic Security 8 (3), 24-45, 2015
Washing away power: local CPSU nomenclature during the late and post-Soviet period (1985-2015)
M Crosston, D Seltser
PRO NUNC. Современные политические процессы, 24-37, 2015
Neoconservative democratization in theory and practice: Developing democrats or raising radical Islamists?
M Crosston
International Politics 46, 298-326, 2009
The cascade effect: Local power from old Soviets to new Russians (1985-2015)
M Crosston, D Seltser
The Caspian Project, 43-54, 2015
The pluto of international organizations: Micro-Agendas, IO theory, and dismissing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
M Crosston
Comparative Strategy 32 (3), 283-294, 2013
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