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Giorgio Quer
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Wearable sensor data and self-reported symptoms for COVID-19 detection
G Quer, JM Radin, M Gadaleta, K Baca-Motes, L Ariniello, E Ramos, ...
Nature Medicine 27 (1), 73-77, 2021
Minimum information about clinical artificial intelligence modeling: the MI-CLAIM checklist
B Norgeot, G Quer, BK Beaulieu-Jones, A Torkamani, R Dias, ...
Nature medicine 26 (9), 1320-1324, 2020
Machine Learning and the Future of Cardiovascular Care: JACC State-of-the-Art Review
G Quer, R Arnaout, M Henne, R Arnaout
Journal of the American College of Cardiology 77 (3), 300-313, 2021
Sensing, Compression, and Recovery for WSNs: Sparse Signal Modeling and Monitoring Framework
G Quer, R Masiero, G Pillonetto, M Rossi, M Zorzi
IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, 11 (10), 3447-3461, 2012
On the interplay between routing and signal representation for compressive sensing in wireless sensor networks
G Quer, R Masiero, D Munaretto, M Rossi, J Widmer, M Zorzi
ITA 2009 (Information Theory and Applications Workshop), 206-215, 2009
Inter-and intraindividual variability in daily resting heart rate and its associations with age, sex, sleep, BMI, and time of year: Retrospective, longitudinal cohort study of …
G Quer, P Gouda, M Galarnyk, EJ Topol, SR Steinhubl
Plos one 15 (2), e0227709, 2020
Data acquisition through joint compressive sensing and principal component analysis
R Masiero, G Quer, D Munaretto, M Rossi, J Widmer, M Zorzi
IEEE GLOBECOM 2009 (IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference), 1-6, 2009
Wireless SDN mobile ad hoc network: From theory to practice
CY Hans, G Quer, RR Rao
IEEE ICC 2017 (International Conference on Communications), 1-7, 2017
Assessment of prolonged physiological and behavioral changes associated with COVID-19 infection
JM Radin, G Quer, E Ramos, K Baca-Motes, M Gadaleta, EJ Topol, ...
JAMA Network Open 4 (7), e2115959-e2115959, 2021
A Bayesian analysis of compressive sensing data recovery in wireless sensor networks
R Masiero, G Quer, M Rossi, M Zorzi
IEEE ICUMT 2009 (Ultra Modern Telecommunications & Workshops, International …, 2009
Smartphone apps in the COVID-19 pandemic
JA Pandit, JM Radin, G Quer, EJ Topol
Nature Biotechnology 40 (7), 1013-1022, 2022
Passive detection of COVID-19 with wearable sensors and explainable machine learning algorithms
M Gadaleta, JM Radin, K Baca-Motes, E Ramos, V Kheterpal, EJ Topol, ...
NPJ Digital Medicine 4 (1), 166, 2021
Augmenting diagnostic vision with AI
G Quer, ED Muse, N Nikzad, EJ Topol, SR Steinhubl
The Lancet 390 (10091), 221, 2017
Modeling and generation of space-time correlated signals for sensor network fields
D Zordan, G Quer, M Zorzi, M Rossi
IEEE GLOBECOM 2011 (Global Telecommunications Conference, 2011 IEEE), 1-6, 2011
Association of sleep duration and variability with body mass index: sleep measurements in a large US population of wearable sensor users
SJ Jaiswal, G Quer, M Galarnyk, SR Steinhubl, EJ Topol, RL Owens
JAMA internal medicine 180 (12), 1694-1696, 2020
Cognitive Network Inference through Bayesian Network Analysis
G Quer, H Meenakshisundaram, B Tamma, BS Manoj, R Rao, M Zorzi
IEEE GLOBECOM 2010 (IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference), 1-6, 2010
Caching strategies in heterogeneous networks with D2D, small BS and macro BS communications
I Pappalardo, G Quer, BD Rao, M Zorzi
IEEE ICC 2016 (International Conference on Communications), 1-6, 2016
Proactive caching strategies in heterogeneous networks with device-to-device communications
G Quer, I Pappalardo, BD Rao, M Zorzi
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 17 (8), 5270-5281, 2018
A comprehensive explanation framework for biomedical time series classification
P Ivaturi, M Gadaleta, AC Pandey, M Pazzani, SR Steinhubl, G Quer
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 25 (7), 2398-2408, 2021
Inter-Network Cooperation Exploiting Game Theory and Bayesian Networks
G Quer, F Librino, L Canzian, L Badia, M Zorzi
IEEE Trans. on Communications 61 (10), 4310-4321, 2013
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