Svetlen Tonchev
Svetlen Tonchev
Sr Prin Scientist, Newport Corporation
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Evidence of surface plasmon resonance in ultrafast laser-induced ripples
F Garrelie, JP Colombier, F Pigeon, S Tonchev, N Faure, M Bounhalli, ...
Optics express 19 (10), 9035-9043, 2011
High-efficiency, broad band, high-damage threshold high-index gratings for femtosecond pulse compression
F Canova, O Uteza, JP Chambaret, M Flury, S Tonchev, R Fechner, ...
Optics express 15 (23), 15324-15334, 2007
99% efficiency measured in the -1st order of a resonant grating
N Destouches, AV Tishchenko, JC Pommier, S Reynaud, O Parriaux, ...
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Homodyne estimation of Gaussian quantum discord
R Blandino, MG Genoni, J Etesse, M Barbieri, MGA Paris, P Grangier, ...
Physical review letters 109 (18), 180402, 2012
Electro-optic effect in proton exchanged LiNbO/sub 3/and LiTaO/sub 3/waveguides
I Savatinova, S Tonchev, R Todorov, MN Armenise, VMN Passaro, ...
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Formation of holographic diffraction gratings in photoresist
L Mashev, S Tonchev
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Azimuthal anchoring of nematic on undulated substrate: Elasticity memory
R Barberi, I Dozov, M Giocondo, M Iovane, P Martinot-Lagarde, ...
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N Destouches, JC Pommier, O Parriaux, T Clausnitzer, N Lyndin, ...
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Optical and structural properties of annealed PE:LiNbO3 waveguides formed with pyrophosphoric and benzoic acids
C Ziling, L Pokrovskii, N Terpugov, I Savatinova, M Kuneva, S Tonchev, ...
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Periodically structured ZnO thin films for optical gas sensor application
AO Dikovska, PA Atanasov, S Tonchev, J Ferreira, L Escoubas
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 140 (1), 19-23, 2007
Spatially and polarization resolved plasmon mediated transmission through continuous metal films
Y Jourlin, S Tonchev, AV Tishchenko, C Pedri, C Veillas, O Parriaux, ...
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Raman scattering of proton exchanged LiNbO3 waveguides
I Savatinova, S Tonchev, E Popov, E Liarokapis, C Raptis
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Azimuthally polarized laser mode generation by multilayer mirror with wideband grating-induced TM leakage in the TE stopband
T Kämpfe, S Tonchev, AV Tishchenko, D Gergov, O Parriaux
Optics express 20 (5), 5392-5401, 2012
Optical security device for document protection using plasmon resonant transmission through a thin corrugated metallic film embedded in a plastic foil
J Sauvage-Vincent, S Tonchev, C Veillas, S Reynaud, Y Jourlin
Journal of the European Optical Society-Rapid publications 8, 13015, 2013
100 nm period grating by high-index phase-mask immersion lithography
Y Bourgin, Y Jourlin, O Parriaux, A Talneau, S Tonchev, C Veillas, ...
Optics Express 18 (10), 10557-10566, 2010
A polarization-stabilized microchip laser using a resonant grating mirror
JF Bisson, O Parriaux, JC Pommier, S Tonchev, K Ueda
Applied Physics B 85, 519-524, 2006
Design and fabrication of an all-dielectric grating with top-hat high diffraction efficiency over a broad spectral range
N Lyndin, M Flury, S Tonchev, R Fechner, O Parriaux
Journal of the European Optical Society-Rapid Publications 2, 2007
High-accuracy translation–rotation encoder with two gratings in a Littrow mount
M Neviere, E Popov, B Bojhkov, L Tsonev, S Tonchev
Applied optics 38 (1), 67-76, 1999
High-efficiency wide-band metal-dielectric resonant grating for 20fs pulse compression
M Flury, S Tonchev, R Fechner, A Schindler, O Parriaux
Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid Publications 2, 07024, 2007
LiNbO3 optical waveguides deposited on sapphire by electric-field-assisted pulsed laser deposition
RI Tomov, TK Kabadjova, PA Atanasov, S Tonchev, M Kaneva, ...
Vacuum 58 (2-3), 396-403, 2000
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