Bing Ouyang
Bing Ouyang
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Florida Atlantic University
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Citat de
Citat de
Marine animal classification using combined CNN and hand-designed image features
Z Cao, JC Principe, B Ouyang, F Dalgleish, A Vuorenkoski
OCEANS 2015-MTS/IEEE Washington, 1-6, 2015
An approach for automatic classification of grouper vocalizations with passive acoustic monitoring
AK Ibrahim, LM Chérubin, H Zhuang, MT Schärer Umpierre, F Dalgleish, ...
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 143 (2), 666-676, 2018
Visualization for multi-static underwater LLS system using Image based Rendering
B Ouyang, FR Dalgleish, AK Vuorenkoski, W Britton, B Ramos, B Metzger
IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 2013
Extended-range undersea laser imaging: Current research status and a glimpse at future technologies
FR Dalgleish, AK Vuorenkoski, B Ouyang
Marine Technology Society Journal 47 (5), 128-147, 2013
Image enhancement for underwater pulsed laser line scan imaging system
B Ouyang, FR Dalgleish, FM Caimi, AK Vuorenkoski, TE Giddings, ...
Proc. of SPIE Vol 8372, 83720R-1, 2012
Mems microdisplay optical imaging and sensor systems for underwater and other scattering environments
B Ouyang, F Dalgleish, A Dalgleish
US Patent 9,019,503, 2015
Initial development of the hybrid aerial underwater robotic system (haucs): Internet of things (iot) for aquaculture farms
B Ouyang, PS Wills, Y Tang, JO Hallstrom, TC Su, K Namuduri, ...
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 8 (18), 14013-14027, 2021
Compressive Sensing Underwater Laser Serial Imaging System
B Ouyang, FR Dalgleish, FM Caimi, TE Giddings, JJ Shirron, ...
Journal of Electronic Imaging, special edition on Compressive Sensing, 2013
Compressive line sensing underwater imaging system
B Ouyang, FR Dalgleish, FM Caimi, TE Giddings, W Britton, ...
Optical Engineering 53 (5), 051409-051409, 2014
Physical layer simulator for undersea free-space laser communications
FR Dalgleish, JJ Shirron, D Rashkin, TE Giddings, ...
Optical Engineering 53 (5), 051410-051410, 2014
MEMS microdisplay optical imaging and sensor systems for underwater scattering environments
F Dalgleish, A Dalgleish, B Ouyang
US Patent 8,917,395, 2014
Experimental study of a compressive line sensing imaging system in a turbulent environment
B Ouyang, W Hou, C Gong, FR Dalgleish, FM Caimi, AK Vuorenkoski, ...
Applied optics 55 (30), 8523-8531, 2016
Method and apparatus for analog graphics sample clock frequency verification
JM Hayden, B Ouyang, TL Ethridge, A Sundararajan, LD Dickinson
US Patent 7,733,424, 2010
Underwater laser serial imaging using compressive sensing and digital mirror device
B Ouyang, FR Dalgleish, FM Caimi, TE Giddings, JJ Shirron, ...
Proc. SPIE 8037, 2011
Underwater LiDAR image enhancement using a GAN based machine learning technique
DC Estrada, FR Dalgleish, CJ Den Ouden, B Ramos, Y Li, B Ouyang
IEEE Sensors Journal 22 (5), 4438-4451, 2022
Extended range distributed laser serial imaging in turbid estuarine and coastal conditions
F Dalgleish, B Ouyang, A Vuorenkoski, B Metzger, B Ramos, W Britton
2012 Oceans, 1-7, 2012
Compressive line sensing imaging system in a controlled hybrid scattering environment
B Ouyang, W Hou
Optical Engineering 58 (2), 023102-023102, 2019
Compressing two ways: the initial study of an underwater inflatable co-prime sonar array (UICSA)
B Ouyang, Y Li, T Zhou, TC Su, F Dalgleish, A Dalgleish, F Ahmad
Compressive Sensing VII: From Diverse Modalities to Big Data Analytics 10658 …, 2018
Integrating dynamic and distributed compressive sensing techniques to enhance image quality of the compressive line sensing system for unmanned aerial vehicles application
B Ouyang, W Hou, FM Caimi, FR Dalgleish, AK Vuorenkoski, C Gong
Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 11 (3), 032407-032407, 2017
Undersea lidar imager for unobtrusive and eye safe marine wildlife detection and classification
F Dalgleish, B Ouyang, A Vuorenkoski, B Ramos, G Alsenas, B Metzger, ...
OCEANS 2017-Aberdeen, 1-5, 2017
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