P. Jeremy Werdell
P. Jeremy Werdell
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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A multi-sensor approach for the on-orbit validation of ocean color satellite data products
SW Bailey, PJ Werdell
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An improved in-situ bio-optical data set for ocean color algorithm development and satellite data product validation
PJ Werdell, SW Bailey
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Examining the consistency of products derived from various ocean color sensors in open ocean (Case 1) waters in the perspective of a multi-sensor approach
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PJ Werdell, LIW McKinna, E Boss, SG Ackleson, SE Craig, WW Gregg, ...
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DA Siegel, MJ Behrenfeld, S Maritorena, CR McClain, D Antoine, ...
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The Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem mission: status, science, advances
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Atmospheric correction for satellite ocean color radiometry
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Unique data repository facilitates ocean color satellite validation
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Ecological indicators 80, 84-95, 2017
Regional and seasonal variability of chlorophyll-a in Chesapeake Bay as observed by SeaWiFS and MODIS-Aqua
PJ Werdell, SW Bailey, BA Franz, LW Harding Jr, GC Feldman, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 113 (6), 1319-1330, 2009
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