Agnes Keresztesi
Agnes Keresztesi
PhD Student, University of Pecs
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Citat de
Citat de
Assessing the neutralisation, wet deposition and source contributions of the precipitation chemistry over Europe during 2000–2017
Á Keresztesi, MV Birsan, IA Nita, Z Bodor, R Szép
Environmental Sciences Europe 31 (1), 1-15, 2019
Effects of the Eastern Carpathians on atmospheric circulations and precipitation chemistry from 2006 to 2016 at four monitoring stations (Eastern Carpathians, Romania)
R Szép, E Mateescu, IA Niță, MV Birsan, Z Bodor, Á Keresztesi
Atmospheric Research 214, 311-328, 2018
Influence of peat fires on the rainwater chemistry in intra-mountain basins with specific atmospheric circulations (Eastern Carpathians, Romania)
R Szép, Z Bodor, I Miklóssy, IA Niță, OA Oprea, Á Keresztesi
Science of the Total Environment 647, 275-289, 2019
Chemical characteristics and source analysis on ionic composition of rainwater collected in the Carpathians “Cold Pole,” Ciuc basin, Eastern Carpathians, Romania
R Szép, E Mateescu, AC Nechifor, Á Keresztesi
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24 (35), 27288-27302, 2017
Assessing the variations in the chemical composition of rainwater and air masses using the zonal and meridional index
Á Keresztesi, IA Nita, MV Birsan, Z Bodor, T Pernyeszi, MM Micheu, ...
Atmospheric Research 237, 104846, 2020
Spatial and long-term analysis of rainwater chemistry over the conterminous United States
Á Keresztesi, IA Nita, R Boga, MV Birsan, Z Bodor, R Szép
Environmental Research 188, 109872, 2020
The risk of cross-border pollution and the influence of regional climate on the rainwater chemistry in the Southern Carpathians, Romania
Á Keresztesi, IA Nita, MV Birsan, Z Bodor, R Szép
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27 (9), 9382-9402, 2020
Major air pollutants seasonal variation analysis and long-range transport of PM10 in an urban environment with specific climate condition in Transylvania (Romania)
Z Bodor, K Bodor, Á Keresztesi, R Szép
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27 (30), 38181-38199, 2020
Spatio-temporal changes in annual temperature extremes over Romania (1961–2013)
MV Birsan, DM Micu, AI Nita, E Mateescu, R Szep, A Keresztesi
Rom. J. Phys 64 (7-8), 816, 2019
Adsorptive removal of cationic and anionic dyes from aqueous solutions by using eggshell household waste as biosorbent
E Rápó, R Szép, Á Keresztesi, M Suciu, S Tonk
Acta Chimica Slovenica 65 (3), 709-717, 2018
Ammonium Neutralization Effect on Rainwater Chemistry in the Basins of the Eastern Carpathians – Romania
Á Keresztesi, R Szép, A Ozunu, S Petres, G Ghita, FD Dumitru, ...
Revista de Chimie, 2018
Changes in cyclone intensity over Romania according to 12 tracking methods
IA Nita, L Sfîcă, L Apostol, C Radu, MV Birsan, R Szep, A Keresztesi
Rom. Rep. Phys 72, 706, 2020
Observed changes in mean and maximum monthly wind speed over Romania since AD 1961
MV Birsan, IA Nita, A Craciun, L Sfîcă, C Radu, R Szep, A Keresztesi, ...
Romanian Reports in Physics 72 (1), 702, 2020
Chemical characteristics of wet precipitation in the Eastern Carpathians, Romania.
Á Keresztesi, A Korodi, R Boga, S Petres, G Ghita, M Ilie
Ecoterra 14 (2), 52-59, 2017
From air pollution to cardiovascular diseases: the emerging role of epigenetics
MM Micheu, MV Birsan, R Szép, Á Keresztesi, IA Nita
Molecular biology reports 47 (7), 5559-5567, 2020
Effects of PM10 and Weather on Respiratory and Cardiovascular Diseases in the Ciuc Basin (Romanian Carpathians)
K Bodor, MM Micheu, A Keresztesi, MV Birsan, IA Nita, Z Bodor, S Petres, ...
Atmosphere 12 (2), 289, 2021
Evolution of Tropospheric Ozone and Relationship with Temperature and NOx for the 2007-2016 Decade in the Ciuc Depression
S Petres, S Lanyi, M Pirianu, A Keresztesi, AC Nechifor
Rev. Chim 69, 602-608, 2018
Air pollution analysis in Moldova Nouă waste dump
N Raischi, S Robert, CM Bălăceanu, M Raischi, FD Dumitru, MA Moncea, ...
ECOTERRA J. Environ. Res. Prot 14, 70-77, 2017
Sustainable Developement. Theory or Practice?
A Korodi, S Petres, Á Keresztesi, R Szép
International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference & EXPO SGEM2017 17 …, 2017
The analysis of the chemical composition of precipitation during the driest year from the last decade
Á Keresztesi, R Boga, Z Bodor, K Bodor, S Tonk, G Deak, IA Nita
Present Environment and Sustainable Development, 19-32, 2019
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