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Effect of partial slip boundary condition on the flow and heat transfer of nanofluids past stretching sheet prescribed constant wall temperature
A Noghrehabadi, R Pourrajab, M Ghalambaz
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 54, 253-261, 2012
Natural convective flow and heat transfer of nano-encapsulated phase change materials (NEPCMs) in a cavity
M Ghalambaz, AJ Chamkha, D Wen
International journal of heat and mass transfer 138, 738-749, 2019
Conjugate natural convection flow of Ag–MgO/water hybrid nanofluid in a square cavity
M Ghalambaz, A Doostani, E Izadpanahi, AJ Chamkha
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 139 (3), 2321-2336, 2020
Free convection of hybrid Al2O3-Cu water nanofluid in a differentially heated porous cavity
SAM Mehryan, FM Kashkooli, M Ghalambaz, AJ Chamkha
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Mixed convection flow caused by an oscillating cylinder in a square cavity filled with Cu–Al2O3/water hybrid nanofluid
SAM Mehryan, E Izadpanahi, M Ghalambaz, AJ Chamkha
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 137 (3), 965-982, 2019
Phase-change heat transfer of single/hybrid nanoparticles-enhanced phase-change materials over a heated horizontal cylinder confined in a square cavity
AJ Chamkha, A Doostanidezfuli, E Izadpanahi, M Ghalambaz
Advanced Powder Technology 28 (2), 385-397, 2017
Free convection heat transfer analysis of a suspension of nano–encapsulated phase change materials (NEPCMs) in an inclined porous cavity
M Ghalambaz, SAM Mehryan, I Zahmatkesh, A Chamkha
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 157, 106503, 2020
Theoretical analysis of natural convection boundary layer heat and mass transfer of nanofluids: effects of size, shape and type of nanoparticles, type of base fluid and working …
A Zaraki, M Ghalambaz, AJ Chamkha, M Ghalambaz, D De Rossi
Advanced Powder Technology 26 (3), 935-946, 2015
Numerical study on natural convection of Ag–MgO hybrid/water nanofluid inside a porous enclosure: A local thermal non-equilibrium model
SAM Mehryan, M Ghalambaz, AJ Chamkha, M Izadi
Powder Technology 367, 443-455, 2020
Phase-change heat transfer in a cavity heated from below: the effect of utilizing single or hybrid nanoparticles as additives
M Ghalambaz, A Doostani, E Izadpanahi, AJ Chamkha
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 72, 104-115, 2017
Effects of heat sink and source and entropy generation on MHD mixed convection of a Cu-water nanofluid in a lid-driven square porous enclosure with partial slip
AJ Chamkha, AM Rashad, MA Mansour, T Armaghani, M Ghalambaz
Physics of Fluids 29 (5), 2017
Fluid-structure interaction study of natural convection heat transfer over a flexible oscillating fin in a square cavity
M Ghalambaz, E Jamesahar, MA Ismael, AJ Chamkha
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 111, 256-273, 2017
Analysis of melting behavior of PCMs in a cavity subject to a non-uniform magnetic field using a moving grid technique
M Ghalambaz, SMH Zadeh, SAM Mehryan, I Pop, D Wen
Applied Mathematical Modelling 77, 1936-1953, 2020
Conjugate solid-liquid phase change heat transfer in heatsink filled with phase change material-metal foam
M Ghalambaz, J Zhang
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 146, 118832, 2020
Effects of nanoparticles diameter and concentration on natural convection of the Al2O3–water nanofluids considering variable thermal conductivity around a vertical cone in …
M Ghalambaz, A Behseresht, J Behseresht, A Chamkha
Advanced Powder Technology 26 (1), 224-235, 2015
Melting of nanoparticles-enhanced phase-change materials in an enclosure: effect of hybrid nanoparticles
M Ghalambaz, A Doostani, AJ Chamkha, MA Ismael
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Entropy analysis for nanofluid flow over a stretching sheet in the presence of heat generation/absorption and partial slip
A Noghrehabadi, MR Saffarian, R Pourrajab, M Ghalambaz
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Natural convection flow of a suspension containing nano-encapsulated phase change particles in an eccentric annulus
SAM Mehryan, M Ghalambaz, LS Gargari, A Hajjar, M Sheremet
Journal of Energy Storage 28, 101236, 2020
Time periodic natural convection heat transfer in a nano-encapsulated phase-change suspension
A Hajjar, SAM Mehryan, M Ghalambaz
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 166, 105243, 2020
Mixed convection boundary layer flow and heat transfer over a vertical plate embedded in a porous medium filled with a suspension of nano-encapsulated phase change materials
M Ghalambaz, T Groșan, I Pop
Journal of Molecular Liquids 293, 111432, 2019
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