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Enhanced Integration of Motion Information in Children With Autism
C Manning, MS Tibber, T Charman, SC Dakin, E Pellicano
The Journal of Neuroscience 35 (18), 6979-6986, 2015
Children on the autism spectrum update their behaviour in response to a volatile environment
C Manning, J Kilner, L Neil, T Karaminis, E Pellicano
Developmental science 20 (5), e12435, 2017
Averaging, not internal noise, limits the development of coherent motion processing
C Manning, SC Dakin, MS Tibber, E Pellicano
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 10, 44-56, 2014
Global Motion Perception in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Meta-Analysis
R Van der Hallen, C Manning, K Evers, J Wagemans
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 49 (12), 4901-4918, 2019
The development of speed discrimination abilities
C Manning, D Aagten-Murphy, E Pellicano
Vision Research 70, 27-33, 2012
Processing slow and fast motion in children with autism spectrum conditions
C Manning, T Charman, E Pellicano
Autism Research 6 (6), 531-541, 2013
Susceptibility to Ebbinghaus and Müller-Lyer illusions in autistic children: a comparison of three different methods
C Manning, MJ Morgan, CTW Allen, E Pellicano
Molecular Autism 8 (16), 1-18, 2017
Visual motion prediction and verbal false memory performance in autistic children
FG Tewolde, DVM Bishop, C Manning
Autism Research 11 (3), 509-518, 2017
Psychophysics with children: Investigating the effects of attentional lapses on threshold estimates
C Manning, PR Jones, TM Dekker, E Pellicano
Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 80, 1311-1324, 2018
Visual integration of direction and orientation information in autistic children
C Manning, MS Tibber, SC Dakin
Autism & Developmental Language Impairments 2, 1-16, 2017
Visual motion and decision-making in dyslexia: Reduced accumulation of sensory evidence and related neural dynamics
C Manning, CD Hassall, LT Hunt, AM Norcia, EJ Wagenmakers, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 42 (1), 121-134, 2022
Ensemble perception of emotions in children with autism is similar to typically developing children.
T Karaminis, L Neil, C Manning, M Turi, C Fiorentini, D Burr, E Pellicano
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 24, 51-62, 2017
Coherent Motion Processing in Autism: Is Dot Lifetime an Important Parameter?
C Manning, T Charman, E Pellicano
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2015
Perceptual decision-making in children: Age-related differences and EEG correlates
C Manning, EJ Wagenmakers, AM Norcia, G Scerif, U Boehm
Computational Brain & Behavior 4, 53-69, 2021
Neural dynamics underlying coherent motion perception in children and adults
C Manning, B Kaneshiro, PJ Kohler, M Duta, G Scerif, AM Norcia
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 38 (100670), 2019
Behavioural and neural indices of perceptual decision‑making in autistic children during visual motion tasks
C Manning, CD Hassall, LT Hunt, AM Norcia, EJ Wagenmakers, NJ Evans, ...
Scientific Reports 12, 6072, 2022
Global motion evoked potentials in autistic and dyslexic children: a cross-syndrome approach
L Toffoli, G Scerif, MJ Snowling, AM Norcia, C Manning
Cortex 143, 109-126, 2021
“It is a big spider web of things”: Sensory experiences of autistic adults in public spaces
K MacLennan, C Woolley, E @ 21andsensory, B Heasman, J Starns, ...
Autism in Adulthood 5 (4), 411-422, 2023
Can speed be judged independent of direction?
C Manning, R Trevelyan Thomas, O Braddick
Journal of Vision 18 (15), 2018
The reverse motion illusion in random dot motion displays and implications for understanding development
C Manning, K Meier, D Giaschi
Journal of illusion 3, 2022
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