Daniel Ursescu
Daniel Ursescu
Extreme Light Infrastructure-Nuclear Physics, Romania
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Citat de
Laser cladding of MMC coatings on aluminium substrate: influence of composition and microstructure on mechanical properties
L Dubourg, D Ursescu, F Hlawka, A Cornet
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The extreme light infrastructure—nuclear physics (ELI-NP) facility: new horizons in physics with 10 PW ultra-intense lasers and 20 MeV brilliant gamma beams
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O Tesileanu, D Ursescu, R Dabu, NV Zamfir
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Characterization of a transient collisional Ni-like molybdenum soft-x-ray laser pumped in grazing incidence
S Kazamias, K Cassou, D Ros, F Ple, G Jamelot, A Klisnick, O Lundh, ...
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Laser beam delivery at ELI-NP
D Ursescu, G Cheriaux, P Audebert, M Kalashnikov, T Toncian, ...
Romanian Reports in Physics 68 (LLNL-JRNL-721494), 2017
Spectroscopic study of gold nanoparticle formation through high intensity laser irradiation of solution
T Nakamura, Y Herbani, D Ursescu, R Banici, RV Dabu, S Sato
AIP Advances 3 (8), 082101, 2013
Optimization of the non-normal incidence, transient pumped plasma X-ray laser for laser spectroscopy and plasma diagnostics at the facility for antiproton and ion research (FAIR)
T Kuehl, D Ursescu, V Bagnoud, D Javorkova, O Rosmej, K Cassou, ...
Laser and Particle Beams 25 (1), 93-97, 2007
Materials in extreme environments for energy, accelerators and space applications at ELI-NP
T Asavei, M Tomut, M Bobeica, S Aogaki, MO Cernaianu, M Ganciu, S Kar, ...
Rom. Rep. Phys 68, S275-S347, 2016
Pump energy reduction for a high gain Ag X-ray laser using one long and two short pump pulses
RA Banici, GV Cojocaru, RG Ungureanu, R Dabu, D Ursescu, H Stiel
Optics letters 37 (24), 5130-5132, 2012
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