Rafael Garcia
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Computerized analysis of pigmented skin lesions: a review
K Korotkov, R Garcia
Artificial intelligence in medicine 56 (2), 69-90, 2012
Design, implementation and validation of a novel open framework for agile development of mobile health applications
O Banos, C Villalonga, R Garcia, A Saez, M Damas, JA Holgado-Terriza, ...
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Overview of coded light projection techniques for automatic 3D profiling
J Pages, J Salvi, R Garcia, C Matabosch
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Visual inspection of hydroelectric dams using an autonomous underwater vehicle
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Positioning an underwater vehicle through image mosaicking
R Garcia, J Batlle, X Cufi, J Amat
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Automatic visual bag-of-words for online robot navigation and mapping
T Nicosevici, R Garcia
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Efficient three‐dimensional scene modeling and mosaicing
T Nicosevici, N Gracias, S Negahdaripour, R Garcia
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Vision-based localization of an underwater robot in a structured environment
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Image-based coral reef classification and thematic mapping
ASM Shihavuddin, N Gracias, R Garcia, ACR Gleason, B Gintert
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Automatic differentiation of melanoma from dysplastic nevi
M Rastgoo, R Garcia, O Morel, F Marzani
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A New Color Correction Method for Underwater Imaging.
G Bianco, M Muzzupappa, F Bruno, R Garcia, L Neumann
International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing & Spatial …, 2015
Augmented state Kalman filtering for AUV navigation
R García, J Puig, P Ridao, X Cufi
Proceedings 2002 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation …, 2002
Tectonic structure, evolution, and the nature of oceanic core complexes and their detachment fault zones (13 20′ N and 13 30′ N, Mid Atlantic Ridge)
J Escartin, C Mevel, S Petersen, D Bonnemains, M Cannat, M Andreani, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 18 (4), 1451-1482, 2017
Perspectives in visual imaging for marine biology and ecology: from acquisition to understanding
JM Durden, T Schoening, F Althaus, A Friedman, R Garcia, AG Glover, ...
Oceanography and Marine Biology, 9-80, 2016
Structure, temporal evolution, and heat flux estimates from the Lucky Strike deep‐sea hydrothermal field derived from seafloor image mosaics
T Barreyre, J Escartín, R Garcia, M Cannat, E Mittelstaedt, R Prados
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 13 (4), 2012
Globally aligned photomosaic of the Lucky Strike hydrothermal vent field (Mid‐Atlantic Ridge, 37 18.5′ N): Release of georeferenced data, mosaic construction, and viewing software
J Escartín, R Garcia, O Delaunoy, J Ferrer, N Gracias, A Elibol, X Cufi, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 9 (12), 2008
Large-area photo-mosaics using global alignment and navigation data
J Ferrer, A Elibol, O Delaunoy, N Gracias, R Garcia
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A novel blending technique for underwater gigamosaicing
R Prados, R Garcia, N Gracias, J Escartín, L Neumann
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Autonomous underwater navigation and optical mapping in unknown natural environments
JD Hernández, K Isteniè, N Gracias, N Palomeras, R Campos, E Vidal, ...
Sensors 16 (8), 1174, 2016
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