Indrajit Roy
Indrajit Roy
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, India.
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Citat de
Nanochemistry and nanomedicine for nanoparticle-based diagnostics and therapy
G Chen, I Roy, C Yang, PN Prasad
Chemical reviews 116 (5), 2826-2885, 2016
Ceramic-based nanoparticles entrapping water-insoluble photosensitizing anticancer drugs: A novel drug− carrier system for photodynamic therapy
I Roy, TY Ohulchanskyy, HE Pudavar, EJ Bergey, AR Oseroff, J Morgan, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (26), 7860-7865, 2003
A review on functionalized gold nanoparticles for biosensing applications
S Zeng, KT Yong, I Roy, XQ Dinh, X Yu, F Luan
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Biocompatible luminescent silicon quantum dots for imaging of cancer cells
F Erogbogbo, KT Yong, I Roy, GX Xu, PN Prasad, MT Swihart
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Organically modified silica nanoparticles: a nonviral vector for in vivo gene delivery and expression in the brain
DJ Bharali, I Klejbor, EK Stachowiak, P Dutta, I Roy, N Kaur, EJ Bergey, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (32), 11539-11544, 2005
In Vivo Biodistribution and Clearance Studies Using Multimodal Organically Modified Silica Nanoparticles
R Kumar, I Roy, TY Ohulchanskky, LA Vathy, EJ Bergey, M Sajjad, ...
ACS nano 4 (2), 699-708, 2010
Optical tracking of organically modified silica nanoparticles as DNA carriers: a nonviral, nanomedicine approach for gene delivery
I Roy, TY Ohulchanskyy, DJ Bharali, HE Pudavar, RA Mistretta, N Kaur, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (2), 279-284, 2005
A pilot study in non-human primates shows no adverse response to intravenous injection of quantum dots
L Ye, KT Yong, L Liu, I Roy, R Hu, J Zha, H Cai, WC Law, J Liu, K Wang, ...
Nano-Enabled Medical Applications, 431-455, 2020
In Vivo Targeted Cancer Imaging, Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping and Multi-Channel Imaging with Biocompatible Silicon Nanocrystals
F Erogbogbo, KT Yong, I Roy, R Hu, WC Law, W Zhao, H Ding, F Wu, ...
ACS nano 5 (1), 413-423, 2011
Organically modified silica nanoparticles with covalently incorporated photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy of cancer
TY Ohulchanskyy, I Roy, LN Goswami, Y Chen, EJ Bergey, RK Pandey, ...
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I Roy, S Mitra, A Maitra, S Mozumdar
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Imaging pancreatic cancer using bioconjugated InP quantum dots
KT Yong, H Ding, I Roy, WC Law, EJ Bergey, A Maitra, PN Prasad
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Covalently dye-linked, surface-controlled, and bioconjugated organically modified silica nanoparticles as targeted probes for optical imaging
R Kumar, I Roy, TY Ohulchanskyy, LN Goswami, AC Bonoiu, EJ Bergey, ...
ACS nano 2 (3), 449-456, 2008
Nanometer silica particles encapsulating active compounds: a novel ceramic drug carrier
TK Jain, I Roy, TK De, A Maitra
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Functionalized quantum dots for biosensing and bioimaging and concerns on toxicity
Y Wang, R Hu, G Lin, I Roy, KT Yong
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (8), 2786-2799, 2013
Nanotechnology approach for drug addiction therapy: gene silencing using delivery of gold nanorod-siRNA nanoplex in dopaminergic neurons
AC Bonoiu, SD Mahajan, H Ding, I Roy, KT Yong, R Kumar, R Hu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (14), 5546-5550, 2009
Quantum rod bioconjugates as targeted probes for confocal and two-photon fluorescence imaging of cancer cells
KT Yong, J Qian, I Roy, HH Lee, EJ Bergey, KM Tramposch, S He, ...
Nano Letters 7 (3), 761-765, 2007
Gold nanorods coated with multilayer polyelectrolyte as contrast agents for multimodal imaging
H Ding, KT Yong, I Roy, HE Pudavar, WC Law, EJ Bergey, PN Prasad
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (34), 12552-12557, 2007
Aqueous‐phase synthesis of highly luminescent CdTe/ZnTe core/shell quantum dots optimized for targeted bioimaging
WC Law, KT Yong, I Roy, H Ding, R Hu, W Zhao, PN Prasad
Small 5 (11), 1302-1310, 2009
Zinc oxide nanocrystals for nonresonant nonlinear optical microscopy in biology and medicine
AV Kachynski, AN Kuzmin, M Nyk, I Roy, PN Prasad
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (29), 10721-10724, 2008
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