Dr Mohammad Akrami
Dr Mohammad Akrami
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Subject-specific finite element modelling of the human foot complex during walking: sensitivity analysis of material properties, boundary and loading conditions
M Akrami, Z Qian, Z Zou, D Howard, CJ Nester, L Ren
Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology 17 (2), 559-576, 2018
Analysing the performance of liquid cooling designs in cylindrical lithium-ion batteries
M Yates, M Akrami, AA Javadi
Journal of Energy Storage 33, 100913, 2021
Smart energy solution for an optimised sustainable hospital in the green city of NEOM
DM Alotaibi, M Akrami, M Dibaj, AA Javadi
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 35, 32-40, 2019
Study of the effects of vent configuration on mono-span greenhouse ventilation using computational fluid dynamics
M Akrami, AA Javadi, MJ Hassanein, R Farmani, M Dibaj, GR Tabor, ...
Sustainability 12 (3), 986, 2020
The effectiveness of foot orthoses in the treatment of medial knee osteoarthritis: A systematic review
AQ Zafar, R Zamani, M Akrami
Gait & posture 76, 238-251, 2020
The biomechanics of pregnancy: A systematic review
R Conder, R Zamani, M Akrami
Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology 4 (4), 72, 2019
Machine learning in the prevention, diagnosis and management of diabetic foot ulcers: a systematic review
J Tulloch, R Zamani, M Akrami
IEEE Access 8, 198977-199000, 2020
Analysis of the thermal efficiency of a compound parabolic Integrated Collector Storage solar water heater in Kerman, Iran
R Panahi, MH Khanjanpour, AA Javadi, M Akrami, M Rahnama, M Ameri
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 36, 100564, 2019
A three-dimensional finite element analysis of the human hip
M Akrami, K Craig, M Dibaj, AA Javadi, A Benattayallah
Journal of medical engineering & technology 42 (7), 546-552, 2018
Towards a sustainable greenhouse: Review of trends and emerging practices in analysing greenhouse ventilation requirements to sustain maximum agricultural yield
M Akrami, AH Salah, AA Javadi, HES Fath, MJ Hassanein, R Farmani, ...
Sustainability 12 (7), 2794, 2020
Availability and feasibility of water desalination as a non-conventional resource for agricultural irrigation in the mena region: A review
HA Awaad, E Mansour, M Akrami, HES Fath, AA Javadi, A Negm
Sustainability 12 (18), 7592, 2020
Analysing the material suitability and concentration ratio of a solar-powered parabolic trough collector (PTC) using computational fluid dynamics
M Akrami, H Alsari, AA Javadi, M Dibaj, R Farmani, HES Fath, AH Salah, ...
Energies 13 (20), 5479, 2020
A Zero-Liquid Discharge Model for a Transient Solar-Powered Desalination System for Greenhouse
M Akrami, AH Salah, M Dibaj, M Porcheron, AA Javadi, R Farmani, ...
Water 12 (5), 1440, 2020
Analysis of inlet configurations on the microclimate conditions of a novel standalone agricultural greenhouse for Egypt using computational fluid dynamics
M Akrami, CD Mutlum, AA Javadi, AH Salah, HES Fath, M Dibaj, ...
Sustainability 13 (3), 1446, 2021
Modelling seawater intrusion in the Pingtung coastal aquifer in Taiwan, under the influence of sea-level rise and changing abstraction regime
M Dibaj, AA Javadi, M Akrami, KY Ke, R Farmani, YC Tan, AS Chen
Hydrogeology Journal 28 (6), 2085-2103, 2020
An experimental study of a gamma-type MTD stirling engine
MH Khanjanpour, M Rahnama, AA Javadi, M Akrami, ...
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 24, 100871, 2021
Stress distribution of the tibiofemoral joint in a healthy versus osteoarthritis knee model using image-based three-dimensional finite element analysis
K Thienkarochanakul, AA Javadi, M Akrami, JR Charnley, A Benattayallah
Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering 40 (3), 409-418, 2020
An investigation into the thermal comfort of a conceptual helmet model using finite element analysis and 3D computational fluid dynamics
CEM Bandmann, M Akrami, AA Javadi
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 68, 125-136, 2018
Subject-specific finite element modelling of the human shoulder complex part 1: model construction and quasi-static abduction simulation
M Zheng, Z Qian, Z Zou, C Peach, M Akrami, L Ren
Journal of Bionic Engineering 17 (6), 1224-1238, 2020
Three dimensional finite element modelling of metatarsal stresses during running
MA Ellison, M Akrami, J Fulford, AA Javadi, HM Rice
Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology 44 (7), 368-377, 2020
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