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Trail Pheromones: An Integrative View of Their Role in Colony Organization.
TJ Czaczkes, C Grüter, FL Ratnieks
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Decision making in ant foragers (Lasius niger) facing conflicting private and social information
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Synergy between social and private information increases foraging efficiency in ants
TJ Czaczkes, C Grüter, SM Jones, FLW Ratnieks
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Cooperative transport in ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and elsewhere
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Negative feedback in ants: crowding results in less trail pheromone deposition
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Negative feedback enables fast and flexible collective decision-making in ants
C Grueter, R Schuerch, TJ Czaczkes, K Taylor, T Durance, SM Jones, ...
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The role of wax and resin in the nestmate recognition system of a stingless bee, Tetragonisca angustula
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Composite collective decision-making
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Ants use directionless odour cues to recall odour-associated locations
TJ Czaczkes, L Schlosser, J Heinze, V Witte
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FB Oberhauser, A Schlemm, S Wendt, TJ Czaczkes
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Private information alone can trigger trapping of ant colonies in local feeding optima
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Pheromone trails in the Brazilian ant Pheidole oxyops: extreme properties and dual recruitment action
TJ Czaczkes, FLW Ratnieks
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Effects of trail gradient on leaf tissue transport and load size selection in leaf-cutter ants
OT Lewis, M Martin, TJ Czaczkes
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Using T-and Y-mazes in myrmecology and elsewhere: a practical guide
TJ Czaczkes
Insectes Sociaux 65 (2), 213-224, 2018
Greater effort increases perceived value in an invertebrate.
TJ Czaczkes, B Brandstetter, I di Stefano, J Heinze
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The multi-dimensional nature of information drives prioritization of private over social information in ants
TJ Czaczkes, JJ Beckwith, AL Horsch, F Hartig
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S Wendt, KS Strunk, J Heinze, A Roider, TJ Czaczkes
Elife 8, e45450, 2019
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