Niels Christian Nilsson
Niels Christian Nilsson
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Immersion revisited: A review of existing definitions of immersion and their relation to different theories of presence
NC Nilsson, R Nordahl, S Serafin
Human technology 12 (2), 108-134, 2016
15 years of research on redirected walking in immersive virtual environments
NC Nilsson, T Peck, G Bruder, E Hodgson, S Serafin, M Whitton, ...
IEEE computer graphics and applications 38 (2), 44-56, 2018
Virtual reality musical instruments: State of the art, design principles, and future directions
S Serafin, C Erkut, J Kojs, NC Nilsson, R Nordahl
Computer Music Journal 40 (3), 22-40, 2016
Natural walking in virtual reality: A review
NC Nilsson, S Serafin, F Steinicke, R Nordahl
Computers in Entertainment (CIE) 16 (2), 1-22, 2018
Missing the point: an exploration of how to guide users' attention during cinematic virtual reality
LT Nielsen, MB Møller, SD Hartmeyer, TCM Ljung, NC Nilsson, R Nordahl, ...
Proceedings of the 22nd ACM conference on virtual reality software and …, 2016
Visual realism and presence in a virtual reality game
J Hvass, O Larsen, K Vendelbo, N Nilsson, R Nordahl, S Serafin
2017 3DTV conference: The true vision-capture, Transmission and Display of …, 2017
Sonic interactions in virtual reality: State of the art, current challenges, and future directions
S Serafin, M Geronazzo, C Erkut, NC Nilsson, R Nordahl
IEEE computer graphics and applications 38 (2), 31-43, 2018
Tapping-in-place: Increasing the naturalness of immersive walking-in-place locomotion through novel gestural input
NC Nilsson, S Serafin, MH Laursen, KS Pedersen, E Sikström, R Nordahl
2013 IEEE symposium on 3D user interfaces (3DUI), 31-38, 2013
Establishing the range of perceptually natural visual walking speeds for virtual walking-in-place locomotion
NC Nilsson, S Serafin, R Nordahl
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 20 (4), 569-578, 2014
Considerations on the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies in music education
S Serafin, A Adjorlu, N Nilsson, L Thomsen, R Nordahl
2017 IEEE virtual reality workshop on K-12 embodied learning through virtual …, 2017
Walking in place through virtual worlds
NC Nilsson, S Serafin, R Nordahl
Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction Platforms and Techniques: 18th …, 2016
The sound of being there: presence and interactive audio in immersive virtual reality
R Nordahl, NC Nilsson
The perceived naturalness of virtual locomotion methods devoid of explicit leg movements
NC Nilsson, S Serafin, R Nordahl
Proceedings of motion on games, 155-164, 2013
Knock on wood: Combining redirected touching and physical props for tool-based interaction in virtual reality
PL Strandholt, OA Dogaru, NC Nilsson, R Nordahl, S Serafin
Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems …, 2020
Disguising rotational gain for redirected walking in virtual reality: Effect of visual density
A Paludan, J Elbaek, M Mortensen, M Zobbe, NC Nilsson, R Nordahl, ...
2016 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), 259-260, 2016
Estimation of detection thresholds for acoustic based redirected walking techniques
S Serafin, NC Nilsson, E Sikstrom, A De Goetzen, R Nordahl
2013 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), 161-162, 2013
Estimation of detection thresholds for audiovisual rotation gains
NC Nilsson, E Suma, R Nordahl, M Bolas, S Serafin
2016 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), 241-242, 2016
Can you cut it? an exploration of the effects of editing in cinematic virtual reality
T Kjær, CB Lillelund, M Moth-Poulsen, NC Nilsson, R Nordahl, S Serafin
Proceedings of the 23rd ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and …, 2017
System immersion in virtual reality-based rehabilitation of motor function in older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis
ER Høeg, TM Povlsen, JR Bruun-Pedersen, B Lange, NC Nilsson, ...
Frontiers in Virtual Reality 2, 647993, 2021
Where would you like to eat? A formative evaluation of mixed-reality solitary meals in virtual environments for older adults with mobility impairments who live alone
D Korsgaard, T Bjøner, NC Nilsson
Food research international 117, 30-39, 2019
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