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Molecular biology of cholesteatoma
A Maniu, O Harabagiu, M Perde Schrepler, A Cătană, B Fănuță, ...
Rom J Morphol Embryol 55 (1), 7-13, 2014
Mastoiditis and facial paralysis as initial manifestations of temporal bone systemic diseases-the significance of the histopathological examination
AA Maniu, O Harabagiu, LO Damian, EH ȘTEFĂNESCU, BM FĂNUȚĂ, ...
Rom J Morphol Embryol 57 (1), 243-248, 2016
The role of nOs2a− 954g/C and vascular endothelial growth factor+ 936C/T polymorphisms in type 2 diabetes mellitus and diabetic nonproliferative retinopathy risk management
MD Porojan, A Cătană, RA Popp, DL Dumitrascu, C Bala
Therapeutics and clinical risk management 11, 1743, 2015
The determination factors of left-right asymmetry disorders-a short review
A Catana, AP Apostu
Clujul Medical 90 (2), 139, 2017
Genetic polymorphism of DNA repair gene ERCC2/XPD (Arg 156 Arg)(A22541C) and lung cancer risk in Northern Romania
A Catana, RA Popp, M Pop, MD Porojan, FM Petrisor, IV Pop
Revista Română de Medicină de Laborator Vol 20 (2/4), 2012
The XRCC1 Arg194Trp polymorphism is significantly associated with lung adenocarcinoma: a case-control study in an Eastern European Caucasian group
A Cătană, M Pop, BD Hincu, IV Pop, FM Petrișor, MD Porojan, RA Popp
OncoTargets and therapy 8, 3533, 2015
Combined glutathione S transferase M1/T1 null genotypes is associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus
MD POROJAN, C Bala, R Ilies, A Catana, RA Popp, DL Dumitrascu
Clujul Medical 88 (2), 159, 2015
Multi gene panel testing for hereditary breast cancer-is it ready to be used?
A Catana, AP Apostu, RG Antemie
Medicine and pharmacy reports 92 (3), 220, 2019
Psoriasis: Association of interleukin-17 gene polymorphisms with severity and response to treatment
AD Pușcaș, A Cătană, C Pușcaș, II Roman, C Vornicescu, M Șomlea, ...
Experimental and therapeutic medicine 18 (2), 875-880, 2019
XRCC3 Thr241Met polymorphism is not associated with lung cancer risk in a Romanian population
A Catana, M Pop, DH Marginean, IC Blaga, MD Porojan, RA Popp, IV Pop
Clujul Medical 89 (1), 89, 2016
Comparative analysis of GSTM1/GSTT1 null alleles and Ile105Val GSTP1 variant in patients with Nasal Polyposis and hyposmia in a Romanian population group
IV Cătană, RA Popp, VP Ioan, A Cătană, D Rădeanu, A Maniu, ...
Revista Romana de Medicina de Laborator 21 (2), 189-196, 2013
The role of adiponectin and toll-like receptor 4 gene polymorphisms on non-proliferative retinopathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. A case-control study in Romanian …
CS Aioanei, RF Ilies, C Bala, MF Petrisor, MD Porojan, RA Popp, ...
Acta Endocrinologica (Bucharest) 15 (1), 32, 2019
Genetic polymorphisms of glutathione S transferase and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
M Daniel, A Cătană, RA Popp, DE Dumitraș, F Stamatian, AD Buzoianu, ...
Revista Romana de Medicina de Laborator 24 (4), 377-386, 2016
Genetic polymorphism TNFα-308G> A and ischemic stroke in Northern Romania
F Petrișor, RA Popp, A Cătană, M Porojan, IV Pop
Acta Medica Marisiensis 59 (2), 75-77, 2013
Genetic polymorphism of alpha 1 antytrypsin and glutathione S transferase and lung cancer risk
A Catana, R Popp, M Pop, M Porojan, V Pop, A Trifa, F Petrisor, M Farcas
European Respiratory Journal 38 (Suppl 55), 2011
FGB-455 G> A and GP IIIa PIA1/A2 polymorphisms in a group of Romanian stroke patients
FM Petrișor, A Cătană, DH Mărginean, AP Trifa, RA Popp, IV Pop
Revista Romana de Medicina de Laborator 24 (1), 45-54, 2016
A rare case of sarcoidosis affecting the nasopharynx
IV Catana, A Maniu, RF Ilies, D Radeanu, A Catana
Romanian Journal of Rhinology 10 (37), 27-29, 2020
The influence of GSTT/GSTM null genotypes in scarring
RF Ilieș, A Cătană, R Popp, CS Aioanei, SR Halmagyi, I Lukacs, ...
Medicine and Pharmacy Reports 92 (Suppl No 3), S73, 2019
The Role Of Adiponectin, TNF-α And Glutathione In The Pathogenesis And Evolution Of Type 1 Diabetes
CE Szabo, RF Ilieș, CS Aioanei, A Catana, V Creț, RS Șerban, IV Pop
Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy 12, 2303, 2019
Do we know enough about the genetic involvement in laryngeal cancer susceptibility and prognostic outcome?
CI Cornean, M Cosgarea, A CĂTANĂ, CA MOGOANTĂ, V Necula, ...
Rom J Morphol Embryol 60 (2), 353-367, 2019
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