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A multilayer network approach to tourism collaboration
A Cehan, M Eva, C Iațu
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 46, 316-326, 2021
Questioning the Role of Tourism as an Engine for Resilience: The Role of Accessibility and Economic Performance
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Analysis of tourism features and development strategy for memorial complex “Imam Al Bukhari Mausoleum”, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan
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Patterns of Urban Shrinkage: A Systematic Analysis of Romanian Cities (1992–2020)
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Sustainability of the transport sector during the last 20 years: evidences from a panel of 35 countries
M Eva, FC Mihai, AV Munteanu
19th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference on Ecology …, 2019
The Puzzling Concept of Smart City in Central and Eastern Europe: A Literature Review Designed for Policy Development
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Territorial dynamics of tourism in Romania: a long-term perspective (1990–2016)
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Modelling spatial accessibility to medical care. Case study of the North-Eastern Region of Romania
M Eva, C Iatu
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Geography of COVID-19 outbreak and first policy answers in European regions and cities
S Bourdin, M Amdaoud, G Arcuri, D Costanzo, M Eva, C Iatu, B Ibanescu, ...
ESPON Final Report, 2020
A geographical methodology for assessing nodality of a road network. Case study on the western Moldavia
D Tudora, M Eva
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Spatial patterns of regional inequalities: Empirical evidence from a large panel of countries
M Eva, A Cehan, E Corodescu-Roșca, S Bourdin
Applied Geography 140, 102638, 2022
Towards Smart (er) Resilient Cities. Evidences from Romanian Urban Areas
A Bănică, M Eva, E Corodescu-Roșca, BC Ibănescu, AM Opria, ...
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Inquiring Structure and Forms of Collaboration in Tourism through Social Network Analysis
A Cehan, M Eva, C Iațu, C Costa
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Mechanism of Territorial Governance in Post-Socialist Periurban Areas from the Perspective of Local Public Authorities. A Case Study on Localities from The Proximity of Suceava …
AI Tomașciuc, M Eva, C Iațu
Lucrările Seminarului Geografic" Dimitrie Cantemir" 39 (1), 73-86, 2015
Spatial Accessibility to Wine Tourism Destinations Inside a Peripheral Touristic Region. A Study Case on Republic Of Moldova
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Questioning the role of tourism as an engine for resilience: The role of accessibility and economic performance. Sustainability, 12 (14), 5527
BC Ibanescu, M Eva, A Gheorghiu
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BC Ibănescu, M Eva, M Bulai
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Relationship between Spatial Accessibility and Tourism Demand - Case Study: Tourism Destinations in Western Moldavia (Romania)
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Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Education, Social …, 2016
Spatial Accessibility and Public Transport Issues in Post-Socialist Metropolitan Areas: A Case Study of Suceava (Romania)
AI Tomasciuc, M Eva, OE Hapciuc, C Iatu
International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference: SGEM: Surveying …, 2016
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