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The function of non-coding RNAs in lung cancer tumorigenesis
C Braicu, AA Zimta, A Harangus, I Iurca, A Irimie, O Coza, ...
Cancers 11 (5), 605, 2019
How public health services pay for radiotherapy in Europe: an ESTRO–HERO analysis of reimbursement
Y Lievens, N Defourny, J Corral, C Gasparotto, C Grau, JM Borras, ...
The Lancet Oncology 21 (1), e42-e54, 2020
Radiotherapy versus concurrent 5-day cisplatin and radiotherapy in locally advanced cervical carcinoma
V Nagy, O Coza, C Ordeanu, A Traila, A Rancea, N Todor, N Ghilezan
Strahlentherapie und Onkologie 185 (3), 177, 2009
Role of key micronutrients from nutrigenetic and nutrigenomic perspectives in cancer prevention
AI Irimie, C Braicu, S Pasca, L Magdo, D Gulei, R Cojocneanu, C Ciocan, ...
Medicina 55 (6), 283, 2019
The relevance of mass spectrometry analysis for personalized medicine through its successful application in cancer “Omics”
CA Ciocan-Cartita, A Jurj, M Buse, D Gulei, C Braicu, L Raduly, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (10), 2576, 2019
Randomized phase 3 trial comparing 2 cisplatin dose schedules in 326 patients with locally advanced squamous cell cervical carcinoma: long-term follow-up
VM Nagy, C Ordeanu, O Coza, CR Alin, A Traila, N Todor
International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer 22 (9), 2012
Quality of life and treatment related toxicity in 335 patients with locally advanced cervical carcinoma treated by two chemoradiation regimens.
V Nagy, N Todor, O Coza, C Ordeanu, N Ghilezan
Journal of BU ON.: Official Journal of the Balkan Union of Oncology 12 (3 …, 2007
Incidence trends and survival of skin melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma in Cluj County, Romania
O Șuteu, ML Blaga, F Nicula, P Șuteu, O Coza, P Achimaș-Cadariu, ...
European Journal of Cancer Prevention 26, S176-S182, 2017
The shifting landscape of genetic alterations separating endometriosis and ovarian endometrioid carcinoma
AI Gaia-Oltean, LA Pop, RM Cojocneanu, M Buse, AA Zimta, P Kubelac, ...
American Journal of Cancer Research 11 (4), 1754, 2021
Local experience in cervical cancer imaging: Comparison in tumour assessment between TRUS and MRI
C Ordeanu, DC Pop, R Badea, C Csutak, N Todor, C Ordeanu, R Kerekes, ...
Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapy 20 (3), 223-230, 2015
Exosomal miRNAs in colorectal cancer: the carriers of useful news.
D Sur, O Coza, A Havasi, C Cainap, C Burz, C Vlad, O Balacescu, ...
Journal of BU ON.: Official Journal of the Balkan Union of Oncology 25 (1 …, 2020
An insight into lung cancer: a comprehensive review exploring ALK TKI and mechanisms of resistance
A Patcas, AF Chis, CF Militaru, IR Bordea, R Rajnoveanu, OF Coza, ...
Biomolecules and Biomedicine 22 (1), 1-13, 2022
In Regard to van Dyk et al
OF Coza, C Ordeanu
International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 90 (2), 471-472, 2014
Clinical results of medium dose rate brachytherapy combined with external beam radiotherapy in the treatment of advanced cervical carcinoma
C Ordeanu, O Coza, S Gavris, N Todor, E Szilagy, M Bako, V Cernea, ...
Relationship between tumor cells’ in vitro radiosensitivity measured by comet assay and clinical response to radiotherapy of cervix carcinomas
I Brie, M Perde, P Virág, E Fischer, O Soritau, ID Postescu, V Nagy, ...
Radioterapie & Oncologie Medicala 2, 96-105, 2005
Partnering bevacizumab with irinotecan as first line-therapy of metastatic colorectal cancer improves progression free survival-A retrospective analysis
C Cainap, RA Ungur, OV Bochis, P Achimas, C Vlad, A Havasi, A Vidrean, ...
Plos one 16 (4), e0248922, 2021
Doubling the dose of bevacizumab beyond progression in metastatic colorectal cancer–the experience of a tertiary cancer center
C Căinap, OV Bochiș, C Vlad, R Popita, P Achimaș-Cadariu, A Havasi, ...
Frontiers in Pharmacology 12, 487316, 2021
Treatment beyond progression in metastatic colorectal cancer: to double or not to double the dose of bevacizumab
OV Bochiș, C Vlad, C Căinap, P AchimașCadariu, D Sur, A Havasi, ...
J BUON 25 (2), 875-883, 2020
In Regard to Kaneyasu et al
OF Coza
International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 86 (1), 4, 2013
133 poster: Exclusive Preoperative Brachytherapy in Stage IB Cervical Carcinoma
O Coza, C Ordeanu, S Gavris, E Szilagyi, M Bako, I Alexandru, D Eniu, ...
Radiotherapy and Oncology, S49, 2009
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