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jj phillips
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C-terminal calcium binding of α-synuclein modulates synaptic vesicle interaction
J Lautenschläger, AD Stephens, G Fusco, F Ströhl, N Curry, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 712, 2018
Engineering the surface properties of a human monoclonal antibody prevents self-association and rapid clearance in vivo
CL Dobson, PWA Devine, JJ Phillips, DR Higazi, C Lloyd, B Popovic, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 38644, 2016
Extent of N-terminus exposure of monomeric alpha-synuclein determines its aggregation propensity
AD Stephens, M Zacharopoulou, R Moons, G Fusco, N Seetaloo, A Chiki, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 2820, 2020
Structural and dynamic insights into the energetics of activation loop rearrangement in FGFR1 kinase
T Klein, N Vajpai, JJ Phillips, G Davies, GA Holdgate, C Phillips, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 7877, 2015
Conformational dynamics of the molecular chaperone Hsp90 in complexes with a co-chaperone and anticancer drugs
JJ Phillips, Z Yao, W Zhang, S McLaughlin, ED Laue, CV Robinson, ...
Journal of molecular biology 372 (5), 1189-1203, 2007
The rate of asparagine deamidation in a monoclonal antibody correlates with hydrogen exchange rate at adjacent downstream residues
JJ Phillips, A Buchanan, J Andrews, M Chodorge, S Sridharan, L Mitchell, ...
Analytical Chemistry 89 (4), 2361-2368, 2017
Fibrous Nanostructures from the Self‐Assembly of Designed Repeat Protein Modules
JJ Phillips, C Millership, ERG Main
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (52), 13132-13135, 2012
Different structural conformers of monomeric α-synuclein identified after lyophilizing and freezing
AD Stephens, N Nespovitaya, M Zacharopoulou, CF Kaminski, JJ Phillips, ...
Analytical chemistry 90 (11), 6975-6983, 2018
Global and local conformation of human IgG antibody variants rationalizes loss of thermodynamic stability
MJ Edgeworth, JJ Phillips, DC Lowe, AD Kippen, DR Higazi, JH Scrivens
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (50), 15156-15159, 2015
Repeat protein engineering: creating functional nanostructures/biomaterials from modular building blocks
ERG Main, JJ Phillips, C Millership
Biochemical Society Transactions 41 (5), 1152-1158, 2013
Modulation of the multistate folding of designed TPR proteins through intrinsic and extrinsic factors
JJ Phillips, Y Javadi, C Millership, ERG Main
Protein Science 21 (3), 327-338, 2012
Understanding the relationship between biotherapeutic protein stability and solid–liquid interfacial shear in constant region mutants of IgG1 and IgG4
R Tavakoli-Keshe, JJ Phillips, R Turner, DG Bracewell
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 103 (2), 437-444, 2014
Ising model reprogramming of a repeat protein's equilibrium unfolding pathway
C Millership, JJ Phillips, ERG Main
Journal of Molecular Biology 428 (9), 1804-1817, 2016
Engineering and exploiting synthetic allostery of NanoLuc luciferase
Z Guo, RD Parakra, Y Xiong, WA Johnston, P Walden, S Edwardraja, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 789, 2022
Allosteric regulation of glycogen phosphorylase solution phase structural dynamics at high spatial resolution
M Kish, V Smith, S Subramanian, F Vollmer, N Lethbridge, L Cole, ...
BioRxiv, 654665, 2019
HDfleX: Software for Flexible High Structural Resolution of Hydrogen/Deuterium-Exchange Mass Spectrometry Data
N Seetaloo, M Kish, JJ Phillips
Analytical Chemistry 94 (11), 4557-4564, 2022
Characterization of monoclonal antibody aggregates and emerging technologies
RL Remmele Jr, JS Bee, JJ Phillips, WD Mo, DR Higazi, J Zhang, V Lindo, ...
State-of-the-Art and Emerging Technologies for Therapeutic Monoclonal …, 2015
Millisecond hydrogen/deuterium-exchange mass spectrometry approach to correlate local structure and aggregation in α-synuclein
N Seetaloo, M Zacharopoulou, AD Stephens, GS Kaminski Schierle, ...
Analytical Chemistry 94 (48), 16711-16719, 2022
Mechanistic insights into the rational design of masked antibodies
CT Orozco, M Bersellini, LM Irving, WW Howard, D Hargreaves, ...
Mabs 14 (1), 2095701, 2022
Online Fully Automated System for Hydrogen/Deuterium-Exchange Mass Spectrometry with Millisecond Time Resolution
M Kish, V Smith, N Lethbridge, L Cole, NJ Bond, JJ Phillips
Analytical Chemistry 95 (11), 5000-5008, 2023
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