Dung Nguyen Trong
Dung Nguyen Trong
Hanoi National University of Education
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Citat de
Citat de
Molecular dynamics study of microscopic structures, phase transitions and dynamic crystallization in Ni nanoparticles
TD Nguyen, CC Nguyen, VH Tran
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Influence of impurity concentration, atomic number, temperature and tempering time on microstructure and phase transformation of Ni 1− x Fe x (x= 0.1, 0.3, 0.5) nanoparticles
NT Dung
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Effect of heating rate, impurity concentration of Cu, atomic number, temperatures, time annealing temperature on the structure, crystallization temperature and crystallization …
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Simulation on the Factors Affecting the Crystallization Process of FeNi Alloy by Molecular Dynamics
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Annealing study of amorphous bulk and nanoparticle iron using molecular dynamics simulation
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Study on the effect of doping on lattice constant and electronic structure of bulk AuCu by the density functional theory
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The structure and crystallizing process of NiAu alloy: A molecular dynamics simulation method
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Factors affecting the structure, phase transition and crystallization process of AlNi nanoparticles
NTP Nguyen-Trong Dung
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Molecular dynamics factors affecting on the structure, phase transition of Al bulk
DNT Tuan Tran Quoc
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DFT prediction of factors affecting the structural characteristics, the transition temperature and the electronic density of some new conjugated polymers
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Electrochemical deposition of Fe–Co–Ni samples with different Co contents and characterization of their microstructural and magnetic properties
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On the Melting of Defective FCC Interstitial Alloy γ-FeC under Pressure up to 100 GPa
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Factors affecting the depth of the Earth’s surface on the heterogeneous dynamics of Cu1− x Nix alloy, x= 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9 by molecular dynamics simulation method
DN Trong
Materials Today Communications 29, 102812, 2021
Effects of number of atoms, shell thickness, and temperature on the structure of Fe nanoparticles amorphous by molecular dynamics method
DN Trong, VC Long
Advances in Civil Engineering 2021 (1), 9976633, 2021
Z-AXIS deformation method to investigate the influence of system size, structure phase transition on mechanical properties of bulk nickel
D Nguyen-Trong
Materials Chemistry and Physics 252, 123275, 2020
The study of the influence of matrix, size, rotation angle, and magnetic field on the isothermal entropy, and the Néel phase transition temperature of Fe2O3 nanocomposite thin …
DN Trong, Ș Țălu
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Understanding the heterogeneous kinetics of Al nanoparticles by simulations method
D Nguyen-Trong, P Nguyen-Tri
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Molecular dynamics study on the crystallization process of cubic Cu–Au alloy
TT Quoc, VC Long, Ș Țălu, D Nguyen Trong
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Factors on the magnetic properties of the iron nanoparticles by classical Heisenberg model
KHP Trong Dung Nguyen, Chinh Cuong Nguyen, The Toan Nguyen
Physica B: Condensed Matter 8 (532), 144–148, 2018
Molecular dynamics simulation of bulk Cu material under various factors
DN Trong, VC Long, Ș Țălu
Applied Sciences 12 (9), 4437, 2022
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