Colette Catherine Fagan
Colette Catherine Fagan
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Carbon sequestration and the role of biological carbon mitigation: a review
DJ Farrelly, CD Everard, CC Fagan, KP McDonnell
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 21, 712-727, 2013
Prediction of coagulation properties, titratable acidity, and pH of bovine milk using mid-infrared spectroscopy
M De Marchi, CC Fagan, CP O’donnell, A Cecchinato, R Dal Zotto, ...
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T Woodcock, CC Fagan, CP O’Donnell, G Downey
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CC Fagan, CD Everard, K McDonnell
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GD Gillespie, CD Everard, CC Fagan, KP McDonnell
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CD Everard, KP McDonnell, CC Fagan
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CC Fagan, M Castillo, CP O’Donnell, DJ O’Callaghan, FA Payne
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CC Fagan, M Castillo, FA Payne, CP O’Donnell, M Leedy, ...
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CC Fagan, M Leedy, M Castillo, FA Payne, CP O’donnell, DJ O’Callaghan
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CC Fagan, M Castillo, FA Payne, CP O’Donnell, DJ O’Callaghan
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Evaluation of infrared techniques for the assessment of biomass and biofuel quality parameters and conversion technology processes: A review
DT Chadwick, KP McDonnell, LP Brennan, CC Fagan, CD Everard
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 30, 672-681, 2014
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CD Everard, CC Fagan, CP O’donnell, DJ O’callaghan, JG Lyng
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CC Fagan, C Everard, CP O’Donnell, G Downey, EM Sheehan, ...
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Process analytical technology for the food industry
CP O'Donnell, C Fagan, PJ Cullen
Springer, 2014
Computer vision and color measurement techniques for inline monitoring of cheese curd syneresis
CD Everard, DJ O’callaghan, CC Fagan, CP O’donnell, M Castillo, ...
Journal of dairy science 90 (7), 3162-3170, 2007
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MJ Mateo, CD Everard, CC Fagan, CP O'Donnell, M Castillo, FA Payne, ...
International Dairy Journal 19 (4), 264-268, 2009
Application of mid‐infrared spectroscopy to the prediction of maturity and sensory texture attributes of cheddar cheese
CC Fagan, CP O'donnell, DJ O'callaghan, G Downey, EM Sheehan, ...
Journal of food science 72 (3), E130-E137, 2007
Effect of blending Jersey and Holstein-Friesian milk on Cheddar cheese processing, composition, and quality
JH Bland, AS Grandison, CC Fagan
Journal of dairy science 98 (1), 1-8, 2015
Influence of curd cutting programme and stirring speed on the prediction of syneresis indices in cheese-making using NIR light backscatter
MJ Mateo, DJ O'Callaghan, CD Everard, CC Fagan, M Castillo, FA Payne, ...
LWT-Food Science and Technology 42 (5), 950-955, 2009
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