Suhaidi Shafie
Suhaidi Shafie
Professor (Electrical & Electronic), UPM
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A review of transparent solar photovoltaic technologies
AAF Husain, WZW Hasan, S Shafie, MN Hamidon, SS Pandey
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Current perspective of the renewable energy development in Malaysia
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M Beygisangchin, S Abdul Rashid, S Shafie, AR Sadrolhosseini, HN Lim
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Advancement on lead-free organic-inorganic halide perovskite solar cells: a review
F Sani, S Shafie, HN Lim, AO Musa
Materials 11 (6), 1008, 2018
Analysis of absorber layer properties effect on CIGS solar cell performance using SCAPS
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A comprehensive study on RF MEMS switch
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A CMOS image sensor integrating column-parallel cyclic ADCs with on-chip digital error correction circuits
S Kawahito, JH Park, K Isobe, S Shafie, T Lida, T Mizota
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A review on high-resolution CMOS delay lines: towards sub-picosecond jitter performance
BI Abdulrazzaq, I Abdul Halin, S Kawahito, RM Sidek, S Shafie, ...
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Power feasibility of a low power consumption solar tracker
S Ahmad, S Shafie, MZA Ab Kadir
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Effects of temperature on electrochemical properties of bismuth oxide/manganese oxide pseudocapacitor
CH Ng, HN Lim, S Hayase, Z Zainal, S Shafie, NM Huang
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 57 (6), 2146-2154, 2018
Charge transport and electron recombination suppression in dye-sensitized solar cells using graphene quantum dots
NFM Sharif, M Kadir, S Shafie, SA Rashid, WZW Hasan, S Shaban
Results in Physics 13, 102171, 2019
Cesium lead halide inorganic-based perovskite-sensitized solar cell for photo-supercapacitor application under high humidity condition
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Evaluation of fuzzy logic subsets effects on maximum power point tracking for photovoltaic system
S Hajighorbani, MAM Radzi, MZA Ab Kadir, S Shafie, R Khanaki, ...
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An RF energy harvester system using UHF micropower CMOS rectifier based on a diode connected CMOS transistor
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An enhanced adaptive perturb and observe technique for efficient maximum power point tracking under partial shading conditions
AN Mahmod Mohammad, MA Mohd Radzi, N Azis, S Shafie, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (11), 3912, 2020
GPS based portable dual-axis solar tracking system using astronomical equation
MHM Sidek, WZW Hasan, MZAA Kadir, S Shafie, MAM Radzi, SA Ahmad, ...
2014 IEEE International Conference on Power and Energy (PECon), 245-249, 2014
Light scattering effect of polyvinyl-alcohol/titanium dioxide nanofibers in the dye-sensitized solar cell
MN Mustafa, S Shafie, MH Wahid, Y Sulaiman
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-8, 2019
DC-based smart PV-powered home energy management system based on voltage matching and RF module
AH Sabry, WZW Hasan, MZA Ab. Kadir, MAM Radzi, S Shafie
PLoS One 12 (9), e0185012, 2017
Self-calibration algorithm for a pressure sensor with a real-time approach based on an artificial neural network
AMM Almassri, WZ Wan Hasan, SA Ahmad, S Shafie, C Wada, K Horio
Sensors 18 (8), 2561, 2018
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