Åsa Håkansson
Åsa Håkansson
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Gut microbiota and inflammation
A Hakansson, G Molin
Nutrients 3 (6), 637-682, 2011
Immunological alteration and changes of gut microbiota after dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) administration in mice
Å Håkansson, N Tormo-Badia, A Baridi, J Xu, G Molin, ML Hagslätt, ...
Clinical and experimental medicine 15, 107-120, 2015
Antioxidant capacity and major phenol compounds of horticultural plant materials not usually used
SCM Burri, A Ekholm, Å Håkansson, E Tornberg, K Rumpunen
Journal of functional foods 38, 119-127, 2017
Antibiotic treatment of pregnant non‐obese diabetic mice leads to altered gut microbiota and intestinal immunological changes in the offspring
N Tormo‐Badia, Å Håkansson, K Vasudevan, G Molin, S Ahrné, CM Cilio
Scandinavian journal of immunology 80 (4), 250-260, 2014
The hurdle approach–A holistic concept for controlling food safety risks associated with pathogenic bacterial contamination of leafy green vegetables. A review
L Mogren, S Windstam, S Boqvist, I Vågsholm, K Söderqvist, AK Rosberg, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 1965, 2018
Effects on weight gain and gut microbiota in rats given bacterial supplements and a high-energy-dense diet from fetal life through to 6 months of age
CLJ Karlsson, G Molin, F Fåk, MLJ Hagslätt, M Jakesevic, Å Håkansson, ...
British Journal of Nutrition 106 (6), 887-895, 2011
Effects of Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus paracasei on the Peripheral Immune Response in Children with Celiac Disease Autoimmunity: A Randomized …
Å Håkansson, C Andrén Aronsson, C Brundin, E Oscarsson, G Molin, ...
Nutrients 11 (8), 1925, 2019
Oral Administration of Lactobacillus plantarum 299v Reduces Cortisol Levels in Human Saliva during Examination Induced Stress: A Randomized, Double‐Blind …
H Andersson, C Tullberg, S Ahrné, K Hamberg, I Lazou Ahrén, G Molin, ...
International journal of microbiology 2016 (1), 8469018, 2016
Effects of household washing on bacterial load and removal of Escherichia coli from lettuce and “ready‐to‐eat” salads
E Uhlig, C Olsson, J He, T Stark, Z Sadowska, G Molin, S Ahrné, ...
Food science & nutrition 5 (6), 1215-1220, 2017
Blueberry husks and probiotics attenuate colorectal inflammation and oncogenesis, and liver injuries in rats exposed to cycling DSS-treatment
Å Håkansson, C Bränning, G Molin, D Adawi, ML Hagslätt, B Jeppsson, ...
PLoS One 7 (3), e33510, 2012
In Vitro Methods to Study Colon Release: State of the Art and An Outlook on New Strategies for Better In-Vitro Biorelevant Release Media
M Wahlgren, M Axenstrand, Å Håkansson, A Marefati, ...
Pharmaceutics 11 (2), 95, 2019
Blueberry husks and multi-strain probiotics affect colonic fermentation in rats
C Bränning, Å Håkansson, S Ahrné, B Jeppsson, G Molin, M Nyman
British Journal of Nutrition 101 (6), 859-870, 2008
Safeguarding of quinoa beverage production by fermentation with Lactobacillus plantarum DSM 9843
PC Paz, RJ Janny, Å Håkansson
International journal of food microbiology 324, 108630, 2020
Leaf mineral content govern microbial community structure in the phyllosphere of spinach (Spinacia oleracea) and rocket (Diplotaxis tenuifolia)
J Darlison, L Mogren, AK Rosberg, M Grudén, A Minet, C Liné, M Mieli, ...
Science of the total environment 675, 501-512, 2019
Lipid oxidation inhibition capacity of plant extracts and powders in a processed meat model system
SCM Burri, A Ekholm, U Bleive, T Püssa, M Jensen, J Hellström, ...
Meat Science 162, 108033, 2020
Blueberry husks, rye bran and multi-strain probiotics affect the severity of colitis induced by dextran sulphate sodium
Å Håkansson, C Bränning, D Adawi, G Molin, M Nyman, B Jeppsson, ...
Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 44 (10), 1213-1225, 2009
Rose Hip and Lactobacillus plantarum DSM 9843 Reduce Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in the Mouse Colon
Å Håkansson, C Stene, A Mihaescu, G Molin, S Ahrné, H Thorlacius, ...
Digestive diseases and sciences 51, 2094-2101, 2006
Effects of Probiotic Bacteria Lactobacillaceae on the Gut Microbiota in Children With Celiac Disease Autoimmunity: A Placebo-Controlled and Randomized Clinical …
E Oscarsson, Å Håkansson, C Andren Aronsson, G Molin, D Agardh
Frontiers in Nutrition 8, 680771, 2021
Probiotic fruit beverages with different polyphenol profiles attenuated early insulin response
J Xu, T Jönsson, M Plaza, Å Håkansson, M Antonsson, IL Ahrén, C Turner, ...
Nutrition journal 17, 1-10, 2018
Gut microbiota and inflammation. Nutrients 3: 637–682
A Hakansson, G Molin
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