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Not so subtle: A meta-analytic investigation of the correlates of subtle and overt discrimination
KP Jones, CI Peddie, VL Gilrane, EB King, AL Gray
Journal of management 42 (6), 1588-1613, 2016
The swimsuit becomes us all: Ethnicity, gender, and vulnerability to self-objectification
MR Hebl, EB King, J Lin
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Hostile and benevolent reactions toward pregnant women: Complementary interpersonal punishments and rewards that maintain traditional roles.
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The stigma of obesity in customer service: a mechanism for remediation and bottom-line consequences of interpersonal discrimination.
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Understanding tokenism: Antecedents and consequences of a psychological climate of gender inequity
EB King, MR Hebl, JM George, SF Matusik
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Benevolent sexism at work: Gender differences in the distribution of challenging developmental experiences
EB King, W Botsford, MR Hebl, S Kazama, JF Dawson, A Perkins
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What do the young (old) people think of me? Content and accuracy of age-based metastereotypes
LM Finkelstein, KM Ryan, EB King
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Managing concealable stigmas at work: A review and multilevel model
KP Jones, EB King
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Linking personality to helping behaviors at work: An interactional perspective
EB King, JM George, MR Hebl
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An experimental field study of interpersonal discrimination toward Muslim job applicants
EB King, AS Ahmad
Personnel psychology 63 (4), 881-906, 2010
Supporting a diverse workforce: What type of support is most meaningful for lesbian and gay employees?
AH Huffman, KM Watrous‐Rodriguez, EB King
Human Resource Management: Published in Cooperation with the School of …, 2008
What drives public acceptance of nanotechnology?
SC Currall, EB King, N Lane, J Madera, S Turner
Nature nanotechnology 1 (3), 153-155, 2006
Work-family strategies during COVID-19: Examining gender dynamics among dual-earner couples with young children.
KM Shockley, MA Clark, H Dodd, EB King
Journal of Applied Psychology 106 (1), 15, 2021
The social and economic imperative of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered supportive organizational policies
EB King, JM Cortina
Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3 (1), 69-78, 2010
What's in a name? A multiracial investigation of the role of occupational stereotypes in selection decisions
EB King, SA Mendoza, JM Madera, MR Hebl, JL Knight
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Big data methods: Leveraging modern data analytic techniques to build organizational science
S Tonidandel, EB King, JM Cortina
Organizational research methods 21 (3), 525-547, 2018
The best of times, the worst of times: Exploring dual perspectives of “coming out” in the workplace
EB King, C Reilly, M Hebl
Group & Organization Management, 2008
Bringing social identity to work: the influence of manifestation and suppression on perceived discrimination, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions.
JM Madera, EB King, MR Hebl
Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 18 (2), 165, 2012
How innovation can alleviate negative consequences of demanding work contexts: The influence of climate for innovation on organizational outcomes
EB King, K De Chermont, M West, JF Dawson, MR Hebl
Journal of occupational and Organizational Psychology 80 (4), 631-645, 2007
Why organizational and community diversity matter: Representativeness and the emergence of incivility and organizational performance
EB King, JF Dawson, MA West, VL Gilrane, CI Peddie, L Bastin
Academy of Management Journal 54 (6), 1103-1118, 2011
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