K Erik J Olofsson
K Erik J Olofsson
Scientist / Control Physicist
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Statistical analysis of m/n= 2/1 locked and quasi-stationary modes with rotating precursors at DIII-D
R Sweeney, W Choi, RJ La Haye, S Mao, KEJ Olofsson, FA Volpe, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (1), 016019, 2016
Resonant magnetic perturbation effect on tearing mode dynamics
L Frassinetti, KEJ Olofsson, PR Brunsell, JR Drake
Nuclear fusion 50 (3), 035005, 2010
2022 review of data-driven plasma science
R Anirudh, R Archibald, MS Asif, MM Becker, S Benkadda, PT Bremer, ...
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2023
Controlled magnetohydrodynamic mode sustainment in the reversed-field pinch: Theory, design and experiments
E Olofsson, P Brunsell
Fusion Engineering and design 84 (7-11), 1455-1459, 2009
Tearing mode velocity braking due to resonant magnetic perturbations
L Frassinetti, S Menmuir, KEJ Olofsson, PR Brunsell, JR Drake
Nuclear Fusion 52 (10), 103014, 2012
Resistive wall mode feedback control in EXTRAP T2R with improved steady-state error and transient response
PR Brunsell, KEJ Olofsson, L Frassinetti, JR Drake
Physics of Plasmas 14 (10), 2007
Rotation profile flattening and toroidal flow shear reversal due to the coupling of magnetic islands in tokamaks
B Tobias, M Chen, IGJ Classen, CW Domier, R Fitzpatrick, BA Grierson, ...
Physics of Plasmas 23 (5), 2016
Development and experimental qualification of novel disruption prevention techniques on DIII-D
JL Barr, B Sammuli, DA Humphreys, E Olofsson, XD Du, C Rea, ...
Nuclear Fusion 61 (12), 126019, 2021
Feedforward and feedback control of locked mode phase and rotation in DIII-D with application to modulated ECCD experiments
W Choi, RJ La Haye, MJ Lanctot, KEJ Olofsson, EJ Strait, R Sweeney, ...
Nuclear Fusion 58 (3), 036022, 2018
Overview of the RFX-mod contribution to the international Fusion Science Program
ME Puiatti, S Dal Bello, L Marrelli, P Martin, P Agostinetti, M Agostini, ...
Nuclear Fusion 55 (10), 104012, 2015
DIII-D research advancing the physics basis for optimizing the tokamak approach to fusion energy
ME Fenstermacher, J Abbate, S Abe, T Abrams, M Adams, B Adamson, ...
Nuclear Fusion 62 (4), 042024, 2022
Braking due to non-resonant magnetic perturbations and comparison with neoclassical toroidal viscosity torque in EXTRAP T2R
L Frassinetti, Y Sun, R Fridström, S Menmuir, KEJ Olofsson, PR Brunsell, ...
Nuclear Fusion 55 (11), 112003, 2015
Error field assessment from driven rotation of stable external kinks at EXTRAP-T2R reversed field pinch
FA Volpe, L Frassinetti, PR Brunsell, JR Drake, KEJ Olofsson
Nuclear Fusion 53 (4), 043018, 2013
Implementation of advanced feedback control algorithms for controlled resonant magnetic perturbation physics studies on EXTRAP T2R
L Frassinetti, KEJ Olofsson, PR Brunsell, JR Drake
Nuclear Fusion 51 (6), 063018, 2011
Activated dopamine derivatives as primers for adhesive-patch fixation of bone fractures
K Olofsson, V Granskog, Y Cai, A Hult, M Malkoch
RSC advances 6 (31), 26398-26405, 2016
Feedback-assisted extension of the tokamak operating space to low safety factor
JM Hanson, JM Bialek, M Baruzzo, T Bolzonella, AW Hyatt, GL Jackson, ...
Physics of Plasmas 21 (7), 2014
Synthesis and operation of an FFT-decoupled fixed-order reversed-field pinch plasma control system based on identification data
KEJ Olofsson, PR Brunsell, E Witrant, JR Drake
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 52 (10), 104005, 2010
MHD modeling of a DIII-D low-torque QH-mode discharge and comparison to observations
JR King, SE Kruger, KH Burrell, X Chen, AM Garofalo, RJ Groebner, ...
Physics of Plasmas 24 (5), 2017
Measurements of the toroidal torque balance of error field penetration locked modes
D Shiraki, C Paz-Soldan, JM Hanson, RJ La Haye, NC Logan, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 57 (2), 025016, 2015
Closed-loop simulation with Grad-Shafranov equilibrium evolution for plasma control system development
A Welander, E Olofsson, B Sammuli, ML Walker, B Xiao
Fusion Engineering and Design 146, 2361-2365, 2019
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