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Topological antiferromagnetic spintronics
L ©mejkal, Y Mokrousov, B Yan, AH MacDonald
Nature physics 14 (3), 242-251, 2018
Writing and reading antiferromagnetic Mn2Au by Néel spin-orbit torques and large anisotropic magnetoresistance
SY Bodnar, L ©mejkal, I Turek, T Jungwirth, O Gomonay, J Sinova, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 348, 2018
Giant, unconventional anomalous Hall effect in the metallic frustrated magnet candidate, KV3Sb5
SY Yang, Y Wang, BR Ortiz, D Liu, J Gayles, E Derunova, ...
Science advances 6 (31), eabb6003, 2020
Crystal time-reversal symmetry breaking and spontaneous Hall effect in collinear antiferromagnets
L ©mejkal, R González-Hernández, T Jungwirth, J Sinova
Science advances 6 (23), eaaz8809, 2020
Emerging research landscape of altermagnetism
L ©mejkal, J Sinova, T Jungwirth
Physical Review X 12 (4), 040501, 2022
Beyond conventional ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism: A phase with nonrelativistic spin and crystal rotation symmetry
L ©mejkal, J Sinova, T Jungwirth
Physical Review X 12 (3), 031042, 2022
Electric control of Dirac quasiparticles by spin-orbit torque in an antiferromagnet
L ©mejkal, J ®elezný, J Sinova, T Jungwirth
Physical review letters 118 (10), 106402, 2017
Efficient electrical spin splitter based on nonrelativistic collinear antiferromagnetism
R González-Hernández, L ©mejkal, K Výborný, Y Yahagi, J Sinova, ...
Physical Review Letters 126 (12), 127701, 2021
Anomalous hall antiferromagnets
L ©mejkal, AH MacDonald, J Sinova, S Nakatsuji, T Jungwirth
Nature Reviews Materials 7 (6), 482-496, 2022
An anomalous Hall effect in altermagnetic ruthenium dioxide
Z Feng, X Zhou, L ©mejkal, L Wu, Z Zhu, H Guo, R González-Hernández, ...
Nature Electronics 5 (11), 735-743, 2022
Proposal to detect dark matter using axionic topological antiferromagnets
DJE Marsh, KC Fong, EW Lentz, L ©mejkal, MN Ali
Physical Review Letters 123 (12), 121601, 2019
Giant and tunneling magnetoresistance in unconventional collinear antiferromagnets with nonrelativistic spin-momentum coupling
L ©mejkal, AB Hellenes, R González-Hernández, J Sinova, T Jungwirth
Physical Review X 12 (1), 011028, 2022
Room-temperature spin–orbit torque in NiMnSb
C Ciccarelli, L Anderson, V Tshitoyan, AJ Ferguson, F Gerhard, C Gould, ...
Nature physics 12 (9), 855-860, 2016
Axion quasiparticles for axion dark matter detection
J Schütte-Engel, DJE Marsh, AJ Millar, A Sekine, F Chadha-Day, S Hoof, ...
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2021 (08), 066, 2021
Spontaneous anomalous Hall effect arising from an unconventional compensated magnetic phase in a semiconductor
RDG Betancourt, J Zubáč, R Gonzalez-Hernandez, K Geishendorf, ...
Physical Review Letters 130 (3), 036702, 2023
Route towards Dirac and Weyl antiferromagnetic spintronics
L ©mejkal, T Jungwirth, J Sinova
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 11 (4), 1700044, 2017
Prediction of unconventional magnetism in doped FeSb2
II Mazin, K Koepernik, MD Johannes, R González-Hernández, L ©mejkal
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (42), e2108924118, 2021
Topology in magnetism
J Zang, V Cros, A Hoffmann
Springer, 2018
Band structure of CuMnAs probed by optical and photoemission spectroscopy
M Veis, J Minár, G Steciuk, L Palatinus, C Rinaldi, M Cantoni, D Kriegner, ...
Physical Review B 97 (12), 125109, 2018
Crystal Thermal Transport in Altermagnetic
X Zhou, W Feng, RW Zhang, L ©mejkal, J Sinova, Y Mokrousov, Y Yao
Physical Review Letters 132 (5), 056701, 2024
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