Matthias Horn
Matthias Horn
University of Vienna, Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science
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Evaluation of general 16S ribosomal RNA gene PCR primers for classical and next-generation sequencing-based diversity studies
A Klindworth, E Pruesse, T Schweer, J Peplies, C Quast, M Horn, ...
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Illuminating the evolutionary history of chlamydiae
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Discovery of the novel candidate phylum “Poribacteria” in marine sponges
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M Horn
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Sequence-based prediction of type III secreted proteins
R Arnold, S Brandmaier, F Kleine, P Tischler, E Heinz, S Behrens, ...
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Sequence-based prediction of type III secreted proteins
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The isotope array, a new tool that employs substrate-mediated labeling of rRNA for determination of microbial community structure and function
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Emendation of the family Chlamydiaceae: proposal of a single genus, Chlamydia, to include all currently recognized species
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Unity in variety—the pan-genome of the Chlamydiae
A Collingro, P Tischler, T Weinmaier, T Penz, E Heinz, RC Brunham, ...
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