Professor Cristian Delcea PhD
Professor Cristian Delcea PhD
Sexology Institute of Romania
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Citat de
Effects of COVID-19 on sexual life–a meta-analysis
C Delcea, VI Chirilă, AM Săuchea
Sexologies 30 (1), e49-e54, 2021
Validation and Standardization of the Questionnaire for Evaluation of Paraphilic Disorders
C Delcea, C Siserman
Rom J Leg Med 28 (1), 14-20, 2020
Juvenile delinquency within the forensic context
C Delcea, AM Fabian, CC Radu, DP Dumbravă
Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine 27 (4), 366-372, 2019
Major affective distress in testing forensic paternity
C Siserman, C Delcea, HV Matei, ML Vică
Rom J Leg Med 27 (3), 292-296, 2019
The multi-factorial determinism of forensic expertise regarding sentence interruption on medical grounds and decision
C Gherman, A Enache, C Delcea
Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine 61, 45-55, 2019
Assessing maladaptive cognitive schemas as predictors of murder
C Delcea, A Enache, C Stanciu
Int J Ment Health Psychiatry 3: 1. doi: 10.4172/2471 4372, 2, 2017
Juvenile delinquency in light of data recorded at the Institute of Forensic Medicine
A Müller-Fabian, C Siserman, ȘM Anițan, C Delcea
Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine 26 (1), 70-75, 2018
Individual Differences in Personality and Reasoning Traits between Individuals Accused of Murder and those who have not Committed Murder
C Delcea, A Enache
Int J Ment Health Psychiatry 3: 1. doi: 10.4172/2471 4372, 2, 2017
Quality of life and psychological distress among patients with small renal masses
L Vartolomei, A Cotruș, C Stanciu, C Delcea, M Tozzi, E Lievore, ...
Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (14), 3944, 2022
Personality traits as predictor of crime
C Delcea, A Enache
Rom J Leg Med [29] 2, 227-231, 2021
The relationship between personality disorders and domestic violence in forensic context
R Popa-Nedelcu, C Delcea, C Siserman, DC Carmen Domnariu
Rom J Leg Med28 (2), 166-171, 2020
The relationship between emotional distress and neuroticism at the operational personnel of ambulance services
M Rus, C Delcea, C Siserman
Rom J Leg Med 27 (3), 279-284, 2019
The reasoning involved in the decision-making process of individuals who have committed murder
C Delcea, A Enache, C Siserman
Int J MentHealthPsychiatry 4, 1, 2018
Psihologia terorismului: studiu psihologic asupra teroriștilor
C Delcea
Editura Albastră, 2004
Age estimation of human remains using the dental system: A review
LB Galea-Holhoș, C Delcea, CV Siserman, V Ciocan
Annals of Dental Specialty 11 (3-2023), 14-18, 2023
Emotional distress and coping strategies of health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic
M Rus, R Matei, ML Sandu, C Delcea, C Siserman
Rom. J. Leg. Med 28, 442-450, 2020
An observational study on the parameters influencing the duration of forensic medicine expert reports in assessment of inmates’ health status in view of sentence interruption …
C Gherman, A Enache, C Delcea, C Siserman
Rom J Leg Med 27 (2), 156-162, 2019
Novichok toxicology: A review study
F Voiță-Mekereș, C Delcea, CL Buhaș, V Ciocan
Archives of Pharmacy Practice 14 (3-2023), 62-66, 2023
The comorbidity of paraphilic disorders and rape in individuals incarcerated for sexual offences
S Costel, G Cosmin, D Cristian
Rom J Leg Med 28 (3), 278-282, 2020
A review of the role of cognitive-behavioral therapy on anxiety disorders of children and adolescents
ND Nicoară, P Marian, AO Petriș, C Delcea, F Manole
Pharmacophore 14 (4-2023), 35-39, 2023
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