Ali Asghar Sadeghi Ghazvini
Ali Asghar Sadeghi Ghazvini
PhD of Materials Science and Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University,
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Citat de
Biomass-derived porous carbons as supercapacitor electrodes–A review
M Shaker, AAS Ghazvini, W Cao, R Riahifar, Q Ge
New Carbon Materials 36 (3), 546-572, 2021
Co-electrophoretic deposition of Co3O4 and graphene nanoplates for supercapacitor electrode
AAS Ghazvini, E Taheri-Nassaj, B Raissi, R Riahifar, MS Yaghmaee, ...
Materials Letters 285, 129195, 2021
A criterion combined of bulk and surface lithium storage to predict the capacity of porous carbon lithium-ion battery anodes: lithium-ion battery anode capacity prediction
M Shaker, AAS Ghazvini, FR Qureshi, R Riahifar
Carbon Letters, 1-6, 2021
Electrophoretic deposition as a fabrication method for Li-ion battery electrodes and separators–a review
A Hajizadeh, T Shahalizade, R Riahifar, MS Yaghmaee, B Raissi, ...
Journal of Power Sources 535, 231448, 2022
Electrophoretic deposition of TiO2 nanoparticles in viscous alcoholic media
AA Sadeghi, T Ebadzadeh, B Raissi, S Ghashghaie
Ceramics International 39 (7), 7433-7438, 2013
Application of the Multi-Step EPD Technique to Fabricate Thick TiO2 Layers: Effect of Organic Medium Viscosity on the Layer Microstructure
AA Sadeghi, T Ebadzadeh, B Raissi, S Ghashghaie, SMA Fateminia
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (6), 1731-1737, 2013
A review of nitrogen-doped carbon materials for lithium-ion battery anodes
M Shaker, AAS Ghazvini, T Shahalizade, MA Gaho, A Mumtaz, ...
New Carbon Materials 38 (2), 247-278, 2023
Improving the Electrochemical Performance of Pouch Cell Electric Double-Layer Capacitors by Integrating Graphene Nanoplates into Activated Carbon
RR Majid Shaker, Ali Asghar Sadeghi Ghazvini, Shuang Feng, Weiqi Cao ...
Energy Technology, 2021
Prediction of size-and shape-dependent lithium storage capacity of carbon nano-spheres (quantum dots)
M Shaker, AAS Ghazvini, MS Yaghmaee, R Riahifar, B Raissi, W Cao, ...
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 23, 1-9, 2021
Effect of polyethylenimine addition and washing on stability and electrophoretic deposition of Co3O4 nanoparticles
AAS Ghazvini, E Taheri-Nassaj, B Raissi, R Riahifar, MS Yaghmaee
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 101 (2), 553-561, 2018
On the relationship between the porosity and initial coulombic efficiency of porous carbon materials for the anode in lithium-ion batteries
M Shaker, AA Sadeghi Ghazvini, R Riahifar, A Mumtaz
Electronic Materials Letters 18 (4), 400-406, 2022
Prediction of the lithium storage capacity of hollow carbon nano-spheres based on their size and morphology
M Shaker, MS Yaghmaee, T Shahalizade, AAS Ghazvini, R Riahifar, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 33 (16), 12760-12770, 2022
Co-deposition of Co3O4 and graphene via electrophoretic technique
AAS Ghazvini, E Taheri-Nassaj, B Raissi, R Riahifar, MS Yaghmaee
Materials Letters 213, 75-78, 2018
Effect of temperature and atmosphere on V2AlC etching for V2CTx MXenes synthesis used as anode for Li-ion storage systems
MS Mohseni-Salehi, E Taheri-Nassaj, A Babaei, AS Ghazvini, ...
Journal of Energy Storage 66, 107462, 2023
A review on the role of graphene quantum dots and carbon quantum dots in secondary-ion battery electrodes
M Shaker, T Shahalizade, A Mumtaz, MH Saznaghi, S Javanmardi, ...
FlatChem, 100516, 2023
Carbon/graphene quantum dots as electrolyte additives for batteries and supercapacitors: A review
M Shaker, S Ng, AAS Ghazvini, S Javanmardi, MA Gaho, Z Jin, Q Ge
Journal of Energy Storage 85, 111040, 2024
V2CTx‑carbon nanotube/graphene nanohybrids for Li-ion storage applications
MS Mohseni-Salehi, E Taheri-Nassaj, A Babaei, AS Ghazvini, ...
Journal of Energy Storage 85, 111033, 2024
Impact of Preprocessing of Graphene Additive via Ultrasonication on the Electrochemical Performance of Activated Carbon‐Based Supercapacitors
B Chameh, M Shaker, T Shahalizade, AS Ghazvini, MH Saznaghi, ...
Energy Technology, 2023
M Shaker, AAS Ghazvini, CAO Wei-qi, R Riahifar, GE Qi
新型炭材料 36 (3), 546-572, 2021
Electrophoretic deposition of graphene oxide as a stabilizing layer on the Ni-rich layered oxide electrodes for enhancing the cycling stability of Li-ion cathodes
B Chameh, MH Saznaghi, A Sadeghi Ghazvini, T Shahalizade, ...
Journal of Energy Storage 81, 110415, 2024
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