Abdisalam Issa-Salwe
Abdisalam Issa-Salwe
East Africa University
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The collapse of Somali state: the impact of colonial legacy
A Issa-Salwe
London, HAAN Associates, 1996
The collapse of the Somali state: The impact of the colonial legacy
A Issa-Salwe
HAAN, 1996
Strategic information systems alignment: alignment of IS/IT with business strategy
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The Internet and the Somali diaspora: The Web as a new means of expression
AM Issa-Salwe
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Cold War Fallout: Boundary Politics and Conflict in the Horn of Africa
AM Issa-Salwe
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The Internet and the Somali Diaspora: The Web as a Means of Expression
AM Issa-Salwe
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Electronic communication and an oral culture: the political dynamics of Somali websites and mailing lists
A Issa-Salwe
Thames Valley University, 2006
The Collapse of the Somali State—The Impact of the Colonial Legacy
IS Abdisalam
London: HAAN Associates, 1994
The Failure of the Daraawiish State: The clash between Somali clanship and state system
AM Issa-Salwe
Paper Presented at the 5th International Congress of Somali Studies December, 1993
Information security: securing a network device with passwords to protect information
M Ahmed, L Sharif, A Issa-Salwe, A Alharby
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Simplified model of combustion process in a diesel engine for real-time operation
MN Kabir, A Issa-Salwe, M Ahmed
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My Role in the Foundation of the Somali Nation-State, A Political Memoir
AISE Abdirazak Haji Hussein (Author)
Publisher 1 (1), 412, 2017
Integrating Competitive Advantage with Strategic Information Systems Planning: A Review
A Issa-Salwe, K Aloufi
Modelling and simulation: implementing selective catalytic reduction catalyst for removal of nitrogen oxides from exhaust gas of combustion engines
MN Kabir, A Issa-Salwe, M Ahmed
International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing 5 (4), 358-378, 2010
Survey of Information Systems Undergraduate Programmes Taught at Saudi Arabian Universities
A Issa-Salwe
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A prototype information systems centric curriculum model
A Issa-Salwe, K Aloufi
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The Significance of Strategic Information Systems Planning to Information Systems Strategies
A Issa-Salwa
Proceedings of International Conference on Information Technology and e …, 2011
Availability Analysis of M: N Protection System in WDM Networks
MMA Azim, MN Kabir, M Ahmed, A Issa-Salwe
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information …, 2009
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