Teodora Emilia Coldea
Teodora Emilia Coldea
Alte numeTeodora Coldea, Teodora Emilia (Rusu) Coldea, Teodora Emilia Coldea (Rusu)
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Use of legumes in extrusion cooking: A review
A Pasqualone, M Costantini, TE Coldea, C Summo
Foods 9 (7), 958, 2020
Non-alcoholic and craft beer production and challenges
LC Salanță, TE Coldea, MV Ignat, CR Pop, M Tofană, E Mudura, ...
Processes 8 (11), 1382, 2020
Modification of structural and functional characteristics of brewer's spent grain protein by ultrasound assisted extraction
W Li, H Yang, TE Coldea, H Zhao
Lwt 139, 110582, 2021
Rapid quantitative analysis of ethanol and prediction of methanol content in traditional fruit brandies from Romania, using FTIR spectroscopy and chemometrics
TE Coldea, C Socaciu, F Fetea, F RANGA, RM Pop, M Florea
Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca 41 (1), 143-149, 2013
Current functionality and potential improvements of non-alcoholic fermented cereal beverages
MV Ignat, LC Salanță, OL Pop, CR Pop, M Tofană, E Mudura, TE Coldea, ...
Foods 9 (8), 1031, 2020
Gas-chromatographic analysis of major volatile compounds found in traditional fruit brandies from Transylvania, Romania
TER Coldea, C Socaciu, P Maria, D Vodnar
Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca 39 (2), 109-116, 2011
Volatile and phenolic profiles of traditional Romanian apple brandy after rapid ageing with different wood chips
TE Coldea, C Socaciu, E Mudura, SA Socaci, F Ranga, CR Pop, ...
Food Chemistry 320, 2020
Apple fermented products: An overview of technology, properties and health effects
RPF Guiné, MJ Barroca, TE Coldea, E Bartkiene, O Anjos
Processes 9 (2), 223, 2021
Minor volatile compounds in traditional homemade fruit brandies from Transylvania-Romania, as determined by GC-MS analysis
TE Coldea, C Socaciu, Z Moldovan, E Mudura
Notulae botanicae horti agrobotanici cluj-napoca 42 (2), 530-537, 2014
Functionality of special beer processes and potential health benefits
LC Salanță, TE Coldea, MV Ignat, CR Pop, M Tofană, E Mudura, ...
Processes 8 (12), 1613, 2020
An overview of the factors influencing apple cider sensory and microbial quality from raw materials to emerging processing technologies
PC Calugar, TE Coldea, LC Salanță, CR Pop, A Pasqualone, ...
Processes 9 (3), 502, 2021
Effect of processing variables on the physico-chemical characteristics and aroma of borș, a traditional beverage derived from wheat bran
A Pasqualone, C Summo, B Laddomada, E Mudura, TE Coldea
Food Chemistry, 2018
Advances in distilled beverages authenticity and quality testing
TE Coldea, E Mudura, C Socaciu
Ideas and Applications Toward Sample Preparation for Food and Beverage …, 2017
Beer safety: New challenges and future trends within craft and large-scale production
C Ciont, A Epuran, AD Kerezsi, TE Coldea, E Mudura, A Pasqualone, ...
Foods 11 (17), 2693, 2022
An update regarding the bioactive compound of cereal by-products: Health benefits and potential applications
AC Fărcaș, SA Socaci, SA Nemeș, OL Pop, TE Coldea, M Fogarasi, ...
Nutrients 14 (17), 3470, 2022
Brown beer vinegar: Potentially functional product based on its phenolic profile and antioxidant activity
E Mudura, TE Coldea, C Socaciu, F Ranga, CR Pop, AM Rotar, ...
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 83 (1), 19-30, 2018
Strategies to improve the potential functionality of fruit-based fermented beverages
AL Keșa, CR Pop, E Mudura, LC Salanță, A Pasqualone, C Dărab, ...
Plants 10 (11), 2263, 2021
Prebiotics and dairy applications
OL Pop, LC Salanță, CR Pop, T Coldea, SA Socaci, R Suharoschi, ...
Dietary fiber: Properties, recovery, and applications, 247-277, 2019
Hop-derived prenylflavonoids and their importance in brewing technology: a review
E Mudura, T Coldea
BUASVM Food Science and Technology 72 (1), 1-10, 2015
Biscuit contaminants, their sources and mitigation strategies: A review
A Pasqualone, NN Haider, C Summo, TE Coldea, SS George, ...
Foods 10 (11), 2751, 2021
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